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Which is better? UK version or US version?
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May 15th 2006

Don't mean to start any flame wars, but I am a huge fan of both series of The Office. Just wondering if people had a preference to the UK or US versions or if you think they are incomparable.

Although I appreciate the genius of Michael Scott, I think David Brent just simply cannot be topped in terms of quotable lines. But Micahel Scott creates more uncomfortable (and often unbareable) social situations.

I prefer Dwight's character to Gareth's which I didn't even think could be topped but somehow Rainn Wilson pulled it off.

Finally I think the JAM situation is more enjoyable to watch than the TAWN (Tim/Dawn) in the UK version...especially after Casino Night!

My main complaint about the US version is that Pam doesn't get in on pulling pranks on Dwight. It's Jim alone doing that (the nickels in the phone was hilarious...I fell off the floor). In the UK version I liked how Dawn got in on the hijinks with Tim agains Gareth. It provided for more moments between tim and Dawn.


May 15th 2006 edited

Actually, this discussion has already been started, though it's been inactive for a couple months. I'll add it to the Popular Discussions sticky. Yankee Swap, you'll need to repost your comment there (one shortcoming of this forum software is that I cannot move comments from one thread to another). Thanks.

Locking this thread up.

May 5th 2010

This is the oldest un-hidden thread. I'm still irked that Yankee Swap tried to start a flame war like that. Troublemaker.

May 5th 2010

Did you unlock this? 'Cause James said he closed it in May '06, but I can totally post here.

May 5th 2010

Ah, I remember the flame wars well. The flames from the North won, but the flames from the South, rendered now to embers and ashes, will burn once more real soon.

May 5th 2010

You should sticky this, Bri. Bring it from the very end to the very front.

May 5th 2010

Maybe I shouldn't have overruled James on the stickying. I don't want to lose my badge. Besides, I think griefbone is about to fire on the FORT SUMTER: ANDY VS. DWIGHT thread.

May 5th 2010

That was the lamest attempt at starting a flame war I have ever seen. You want to see how to start a flame war? Ricky Gervais is an overrated hack!

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