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Desert Island Game #3: Guilty Pleasures
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May 26th 2006 edited

It's finally summer (here, anyway - 90 degrees today), and it's time to indulge in secret guilty pleasures. Yes, the rest of the year we can masquerade as intellectuals and tell people about our love of highbrow movies and TV shows and books, but summertime seems to bring out the lowest common denominator in everyone ("COPS" episodes, anyone?).

In a twist on the scene from "The Fire," I'm inviting everyone to confess a guilty pleasure or two (more, if you're bold enough) here. It can be a movie, tv show, book, food item, video game, whatever you want. In what guilty pleasures do you indulge? Are you a big, beefy guy whose coworkers would be surprised that you watch the final 20 minutes of Titanic over and over again? Do you get in your fill of "Full House" reruns between June and September every year? Do you sit down with a stack of National Enquirer magazines and several bags of pork rinds and have a Garbage Marathon in your living room (with the curtains closed, of course)?

And don't worry. We all love things of which we're ashamed (so want to make a Pam and Roy joke here, but I wouldn't even know where to begin and which one to choose). We won't judge you. Not out loud, anyway (although I can't promise I won't silently ridicule you if you tell us your favorite movie is Armageddon.).

Guilty pleasures...GO!

May 26th 2006 edited

My guilty pleasures:

  • Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits CD (Not my style of music at all, but good memories of childhood. I even used "The Gambler" to teach extended metaphor to my 8th graders one was totally worth the ridicule).
  • Jurassic Park III (I keep hoping Tea Leoni will get eaten by a dinosaur whenever she screams, and she never does, but I still watch with rapt attention each and every time).
  • I really do like pork rinds.
  • People magazine (nothing makes me feel trashier than reading this, and I even cancelled my subscription, but I still sometimes buy it in the check-out line, God help me. Guess sometimes trashy hits the spot.).
May 26th 2006

Well, off the top of my head, my guilty pleasure tv shows are:

*Fastlane reruns (used to be on FOX, but after cancellation, moved to G4). It is by far, the cheesiest, most female exploiting thing ever, but I can't help but love it. I like the cinematography (believe it or not), set design and general "look" of the show. And the undercover bad boy cop named Van, ain't bad to look at either.

*Big Brother - The only reality show I watch. I don't know why, but my husband and I usually tune in every summer. I habitually refuse to watch these things because I get so embarrassed if people make asses of themselves and our country, but must admit I watch this show. I'm looking forward to the All Star version this year and hope to see some of my past favorites all in one place.

Another guilty pleasure I guess, would be candy and chocolate. Wouldn't be much of a thing except I am the biggest health freak ever, vegetarian, when I allow myself an indulgence it's a pretty big thing around here.

May 26th 2006

Well, I'm a big beefy guy (I'm about Roy's height and build) who watches the last 5 minutes of Casino Night over and over. I'm sorry if that's wierd for you to hear...

Ok, my real confession: I watch Survivor and The Apprentice. I also enjoy listening to 80's metal. And I have a weakness for chocolate-filled Oreos.

May 26th 2006

This is hard to admit because it seems like most of you have really good tastes in music...but I love my Kelly Clarkson (Breakaway) CD. I blast it in my car and sing along when no one else is with me. I also watch Survivor. And I like to eat a big bowl of Snickers flavored Breyers Ice Cream on Thursday nights while watching The Office.

There. I said it.

May 26th 2006

Ok, guilty pleasures. Excellent.

I love the movie "Congo" -- you know, the one with Laura Linney and Amy, the gorilla -- (making hand signs) "ugly woman, ugly woman."

Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart. Is there a more melodramatic song? I don't think so.

Little Debbie Nutty Bars. Yum-Yum.

May 26th 2006 edited

This is hard to admit because it seems like most of you have really good tastes in music...

There's no such thing as good taste, it's all objective.

"The definition of good taste is taste that's in direct alignment with your own" That was said by Nick Begbie from The Idea Of North, an Australian a cappella jazz group. I know a lot of people have issues with a cappella music, but I love it, so I guess they could be one of my guilty pleasures. What a beautiful tie-in...

May 26th 2006 edited

haha. This makes me feel much better.

Guilty pleasures:
*Eating a whole bag of cheetos
*(I'm also a big younger guy so this kills me haha) Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood CD's to which I only crank up when in the car by myself
*Picking up copies of Maxim and US Weekly every so often plus other celeb gossib websites

May 26th 2006

Single Tear:

There. I said it.

See? Don't you feel better? Only good things can come of such confessions. Like telling someone you love her...

Thirsty Babies:

I love the movie "Congo" -- you know, the one with Laura Linney

I secretly love it when good actresses make cheeseball movies. Makes me feel better about my own life.


Well, I'm a big beefy guy (I'm about Roy's height and build) who watches the last 5 minutes of Casino Night over and over. I'm sorry if that's wierd for you to hear...

Not weird at all. I respect you even more now :-)

May 27th 2006 edited
  1. I have "Copacabana" on my IPod... on purpose
  2. I have a subscription to People and OK magazines
  3. I own and like "Bring it On" the cheeerleader movie w/ Kirsten Dunst... that one was really tough to admit. Uh, oh I am channeling Katy for sure. I don't own "Legally Blonde" though. Is that better or worse?

Edit: Do not answer that last question.

May 27th 2006

I've probably watched more "chick flicks" over the course of my life than any straight male should admit to without the addendum "but my girlfriend/female friend/mother/aunt/sister/other female family member, etc. made me". Most of the time it's inadvertant (I'm too bored or tired to change the channel).

I like "Dog: The Bounty Hunter". It's like "COPS" with mullets (on the good guys, in this case)

I'll watch "American Idol" during the talent search, just to see the really bad singers. Once they start with the "approved" singers, I lose interest.

I like the occasional cheesy Seventies pop tune on my radio.

May 27th 2006

Okay, here goes:
-I won't even admit this out loud to anyone, but I read Office fan fiction. It's mostly terrible and cheesy, but really I have to get my Office fix somehow. September is really far away.
-I know all the words to Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone". Sometimes I sing it really loud. (Although it sounds like I may not be the only one here.)
-I have Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" on my Ipod, and I like it. Also, Chicago's "You're the Inspiration".
-I love curling up in bed with a good book and a huge mug full of ice cream.
-I will watch "Full House" reruns occasionally on Nick at Night, as well as "Saved by the Bell", especially the College Years ones, those just make me happy.

May 27th 2006

I bought "The Essential Journey" 2CD set the other day, so don't feel alone, stella.

I also bought the new Tool, so it evens out.

May 28th 2006 edited

Oh boy. I'd have my Y chromosone taken away if my some of my friends knew this. Here is some of my guilt list:

  • I love candles. I buy them for my wife, but secretly, they are for myself.

  • Musically, I am a sucker for Journey's "Faithfully". My favorite groups are Embrace, Coldplay, Thirteen Senses, Keane. I like many other bands like The Choir, Rush, Delirious, Third Day, Chris Tomlin, but these are not a guilty pleasure.

  • I can cry watching any emotional scene in a movie. I was a mess by the end of Mr. Hollands Opus. Like Two-hole punch Jim, I am also a sucker for a chick-flick.

  • My Hollywood dream girl is Uma Thurman.

  • My computer is my biggest guilty pleasure. I'd rather sit here than watch TV, go to a movie, go to the park, have a picnic, etc...

  • My big guilty displeasure is that I hate the shore. I cannot believe that people enjoy going there. The lighting is bad, the seating is bad and the Air-Conditioner doesn't work. I truly hate the beach.

May 28th 2006

Up Dog,
The Choir rocks. I didn't know anyone still listened to them. Their new CD is pretty great. And Chris Tomlin's "Forever" was my favorite song for awhile.
That's all.

May 29th 2006


Haha, I read it too. Shhhhh...

I just bought "The Office" on DVD so I can watch it ALL SUMMER. I guess that's not too bad.

Oh, here's one- it is 5 AMish on the one day I get off of work (Memorial Day) and I am posting guilty pleasures on a BBoard. How's that?

May 29th 2006

I usually drink GOOD beer (not always easy to come by here in NASCAR country), wine, etc., but once every year or so I will indulge in...a Zima. Or 5. I guess my guilty pleasure here should be that, as a small person, I can kick back 5 alcoholic beverages without hesitation, but that's not where I'm going with this. I just can't believe that those 5 drinks are sometimes Zimas.

Luckily, the arrival of Mike's Hard Lemonade has made my occasional craving for malt liquor a little easier to satisfy without being totally embarassed at the check-out counter.

May 29th 2006 edited

I won't even admit this out loud to anyone, but I read Office fan fiction. It's mostly terrible and cheesy, but really I have to get my Office fix somehow. September is really far away.

Stella: Where can one find said Office fan fiction?

On a side note, my guilty pleasure is writing my own Office fan fiction, I love chocolate, and I like to watch reruns of SNL on E!. I also like to read Nicholas Sparks' books. I love oldies music and Classic Rock. My Prism Duro (Creative Zen Micro) is full of Beatles, Rolling Stones, CCR, Led Zeppelin, and a bunch of 60s classics.

May 29th 2006

Spicy Curry,
Mostly on FanFiction.Net but it appears there will soon be more here.
Anyone know of more?

May 30th 2006

Two more guilty pleasures:
1. My job. Most of the time, I really do love it. I'm a teacher, so I know it's a good thing that I like my job, but for some reason writing lesson plans, cutting out things I've laminated, and decorating my bulletin boards makes me super happy. Which is probably why I am so dorky about it, that I spend hours every week doing extra stuff that I am not paid for.
2. My cat. I just got my cat a year ago, and I never thought I would be a cat person, but I totally am in love with the dumb thing. Now I am just afraid I am going to end up having 10 cats and hosting cat parties like Angela.

Wow, ick, this post makes me sound like a lame old lady. Really, I'm not that bad. I like cool things too, I promise! I think I will need to start posting some good stuff in order to redeem my reputation.

May 31st 2006

Wow, ick, this post makes me sound like a lame old lady.


I think you're bluffing and I think I've got you beat. I'll "see" your lame old lady and "raise" you an old spinster.

May 31st 2006

Some of mine:

  1. Celebrity gossip. I'm a guy, big-time stereotypical jock, and people always seem surprised when I'm throwing around my pop culture knowledge.
  2. The movie Grease. Olivia Newton-John was the first girl I remember thinking was pretty and didn't have cooties.
  3. I still watch The Real World.
  4. "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ EZ-Rock!
  5. I'll admit to watching a chick flick by myself as well, especially if the chick in the movie is hot. Recently I've watched Honey, Win a Date with Todd Hamilton, and The Sweetest Thing from start to finish. Horrible, horrible movies starring beautiful women.
May 31st 2006

Alright, I've got a couple. First of all, my AIM buddy icon is the JAM kiss and I tend to stare at it a lot. I had to restrain myself from using that as my desktop. Also, I think Myspace is stupid, but I'm sure on there a lot. And I have less than 30 friends. Ah. My soul feels a little bit lighter.

May 31st 2006

little kid luvr, I just made a Myspace page a few days ago... I only have 3 friends :-( And 2 of them are my brother and his girlfriend.

The third is Pam. Of course!!

May 31st 2006

Hey guys if you want more Myspace buddies, you can add me too. I consider you all friends anyway. And I can't believe I have online friends. How lame! How bout since this is the Guilty Pleasures thread, I just go ahead and say it? Northern Attack is my guilty pleasure :)

My Myspace

Jun 1st 2006

Lori wrote,


I think you're bluffing and I think I've got you beat. I'll "see" your lame old lady and "raise" you an old spinster.

I'll hold back my age although it shows up in other posts here. I have worked for the same employeer for 29 years and am celebrating my 28th anniversary in two days. I too enjoy my job but that is not a guilty pleasure - I'm quite proud of that.

Jun 1st 2006
  1. Superstar-Possibly one of the weakest, most stereotypical movies ever made, but I've probably seen it 86 times. I still miss Will Ferrell's straight hair 2.The Fairly Odd Parents-I'm an 18 year old girl, but I've seen every episode. I even draw them! 3.Comic book movies. All of them. From Spider-Man to The Fantastic Four, I have a weakness for spandex and too many special effects 4.Myspace and/or Facebook. Crazy, horrifying addictions
  2. Teen girl magazines. I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly, but I can't help but cringe when I pick up an Allure or Seventeen in hopes of "2 weeks to fab abs"
  3. Benny & Joon 'shakes. Peanut Butter, Captain Crunch, and Milk are the keys to happiness
Jun 3rd 2006
  1. Kelly Clarkson: almost guiltless pleasure.
  2. I am a mad fan of John Krasinski. Don't take that statement so lightly.
  3. I occasionally do what many high school girls would. Like quote Mean Girls (but only when I'm really tempted to.)
  4. Oh yes, and Happy Bird-day Up Dog
  5. I love my crappy Kodak LS753, only because I take pictures of everything with it.
  6. I'm in love with a "Taken" so...
Jun 4th 2006

Darn, I really didn't want to admit to this one.

Yesterday I watched Son-In-Law on TV for the ump-teenth time. Every time I watch, I laugh from start to finish.

<gulp> Ok, here it is - I am a big Pauly Shore fan. </gulp>

Jun 6th 2006

I watched the entire first season of Pauly Shore's reality show "Minding the Store" when it came on...and I'm secretly wondering if there will be a second season. Does that make me a bad person?

Also, any TV fix-it show I can sit through with a peaceful demeanor. I know jack about fixing a car or building an alcove or a spice rack, yet I can watch entire hours of television devoted to such endeavors with no problem. You gotta love "Inside This Old House" on A&E though, that's the best one.

Also have fond memories of "The Joy of Painting" with Bob Ross...

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