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2.06 The Fight
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Feb 19th 2006 edited
  • Season 2 : Episode 6
  • First aired on November 1, 2005
  • Written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky
  • Directed by Ken Kwapis
  • Northern Attack Recap

Well, the last pickup for overnight delivery is at seven, so you need to have them signed by then… or much earlier.

Feb 24th 2006

I just finished typing up the transcripts for this episode and never realized the dialoge that went on when Michael had Dwight in a headlock.

Michael: Bed time for vato.

Oh, I'm going to be saying that for weeks to come.

Feb 24th 2006

Just went back and watched that. One question though... what the hell does that mean?

Feb 25th 2006

Great Dwight and Jim moment.

"I am not afraid to make an example out of you"

And the way Jim lets Dwight know he stole the purple belt...that just seems like perfect comic delivery to me.

Sometimes I seriously wonder how these guys shoot these scenes with straight faces. I must have watched this ep 10 times, and that scene continues to put me on the floor laughing. Guess its good that I'm not the one in these scenes, eh?

Feb 25th 2006 edited

Very Good Bread and Plain White Jim, I believe what Michael actually says when he puts Dwight in a headlock is "Bedtime for Bonzo." This was an old movie starring Ronald Reagan and Bonzo the chimp.

Feb 25th 2006

Vato is hispanic slang meaning homeboy.

It cracked me up because Michael is the last person I would expect to use that term. I watched it again and listened very closely, I'm pretty sure he says vato. Plus, that's also what it says in the capiton.

Feb 25th 2006

In the first scene where Dwight "loses" his desk, if you look closely Ryan is actually on MySpace. Could he have been replying to our many comments and messages during a shoot?

Just another one of the reasons why I love The Office so much.

Feb 26th 2006 edited

In the first scene where Dwight "loses" his desk, if you look closely Ryan is actually on MySpace.

Pizzero, good eye!

I actually took a screenshot of that and posted it on my MySpace page.

Mar 9th 2006

Did anyone else catch Dwight say that his grandfather was in an Allied prison camp during the war?

Mar 12th 2006 edited

Well, you don't have anyone to go home to Toby.

I cannot believe how many times 'catch-22' was used, improperly at that... My favorite part was Jim's Jet snapping behind Michael as he was looking for Dwight.

Mar 19th 2006 edited

false-s1gns, I loved the Jet snapping too! I also thought it was hilarious when Jim tells Michael that, "when you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way" and Michael, completely oblivious says, "you were a Jet?" Classic.

Mar 19th 2006

false-s1gns and Megan,

Obviously, Michael has never seen West Side Story. I loved Jim's Jet snapping and that Michael thought Jim was actually a Jet, too. Hilarious and priceless.

Mar 19th 2006

I think the best dialog from this episode has to be:

Michael: I know a ton of 14-year old girls that could kick his ass… Jim: You know a ton of 14-year old girls? Dwight: What belt are they?

Of course, the part where Dwight tries to defend the fact that he cried at the end of Armageddon was awesome too. Wait, that was The Fight, right? Now I’m not sure…

"Sir, you're awesome. Here's a plaque!" sale @ The Scranton Branch ends Monday 3/20.

Apr 2nd 2006

Can anyone make out what Jim types on his computer screen past the words, "Hey, if that was weird...?"

This was after he lifted Pam up and she got upset. They were back at the office and he was focused on sending her an email. I tried to freeze the screen with my Tivo, but the highlighted part that Jim is about to delete, is blurry on my screen. Is what he was going to say to her of any great importance?

Apr 2nd 2006


It said: Hey, if that was weird today, I just wanted to t

That's all it said.

Apr 2nd 2006

Aw, thanks Lori. I don't know why I thought it was going to be some huge revealing thing. Wishful thinking on my part...

Apr 11th 2006

"I recognize that. That's Japanese for California roll."

"No actually that's the symbol for eternal discipline."

Then Michael says "oooh" in a sort of sexual tone. I guess this is a reference to The Pilot episode where he says "ooooh discipline, kinky."

Apr 11th 2006

The more I watch this episode, the more I realize it's a marvel of comedy writing. The plot advances so organically that you don't even realize it's happening. The character interactions are all so great, and the sheer density of jokes and storylines -- the expense reports, Ryan's cell phone, the Jim/Pam tension -- is incredible. It all ties up neatly and hilariously to boot. With stuff like this on the air, it's hard to understand why more shows aren't shamed into doing better.

Apr 20th 2006

After a couple more viewings (including tonight on NBC), I realize that this episode has to be moved into my top five. There's just so much that goes on, both obvious and subtle.

From the cold open with the desk in the bathroom to Michael using Dwight as a typewriter in the final scene, this was just a great, great episode.

Some of my favorite moments:

  • Jim asking Dwight if that was his mom on the phone.
  • Jim asking Dwight if humans and robots could ever peacefully coexist.
  • Every facial expression from Jenna and John (especially their reactions to Jim lifting Pam and the aftermath).

Oh who am I kidding... there's no point in pointing everything out... everything was great.

But what makes this episode stand out, and what makes it a milestone episode -- nay, event! -- is that it represents the point where I shifted my thoughts from "Pam is kinda cute" to "Jenna Fischer is probably really hot when she isn't frumped down."

And I think I know the exact moment... when she's asking Michael to have Dwight walk her to her car. The look she gives Jim/John, as if to say "how's that for ya?" Awesome.

James put it really well in the episode recap... "this episode was seriously a Pam highlight reel."

When Dwight and Michael are going at it in the dojo, everyone is watching intently, either out of amazement, curiosity, or something else ("sweep the leg..."), but look at Pam on the end. I don't know what kind of expression it is or exactly what emotion she's trying to express, but it's awesome.

  • Extreme boredom?
  • Disbelief that her boss would do such a thing? (well, it's hard to be shocked by anything Michael Scott does I suppose)
  • Frustration that Michael was fighting Dwight instead of signing his various forms?
  • Anger/Sadness/Disappointment with Jim?

So, yeah, I've said enough. Jenna Fischer for an Emmy.

Apr 20th 2006

Interpretations vary, but if you watch the scene closely, Pam still laughs well after Jim has picked her up. Only when she makes eye contact with Meredith does her tone change. Just saving face I think. Again, interpretations vary.

Apr 20th 2006

mk, yeah I think I agree with you. I've watched the scene many times to dissect it. Many times. I'm just saying that she would be frustrated/angry/upset in the aftermath, as that was quite an embarrassing moment for her. Of course, it would have been more embarrassing had they been spotted by someone who wouldn't later be topless in consecutive episodes.

Apr 21st 2006

two more great pam moments...

jim is 'reading' the boxing glove and i love her quick little mock frustration face as she tells him to look closer.

even better is "practice on the forms." its clever but its also a rare take charge moment. her stare at michael lasts an extra beat that says "do it."

sometimes you gotta be the boss of forms.

Apr 21st 2006 edited

Ferd farkel wrote,

jim is 'reading' the boxing glove and i love her quick little mock frustration face as she tells him to look closer.

I loved that whole little "playful exchange". That was pure JAM - until the end when it crashed.

Although it wasn't obvious from the way it was shot and the quick 2 second exposure we saw, the first palm reading was a real romantic Jim & Pam moment. Pam holding Jim's hand and tracing the lines of his palm with her finger is about as tender, romantic and sexy as it can get in that situation. If I was Jim that would have drove me wild. I'm sure he could have stood there all day and let her do that.

Good thing Roy didn't walk in...

As was mentioned here recently in another post, we saw a good shot of the grey haired mystery employee last night. No one knows who she is? I think it's time for someone to hit up Angela or Jenna on their blog (or their MySpace) and ask who this woman is. Maybe we can get one of them to shed some light on this stealth character. Has anyone looked for her name in the credits?

Apr 21st 2006

Regardless of the way you look at the picking up Pam scene, I think anyone that is a JAM fan would find it upsetting to see that look on Pam's face after anything Jim did. Luckily, there are TONS of great JAM moments since that episode.

Apr 21st 2006

I agree with you about the look on Pam's face at the end of that scene but as bad as that was, the playful look on her face when she love tapped Jim with the boxing glove was also very JAM worthy. When Jim dared Pam to go talk to Michael about having Dwight walk her to the car was also a great exchange.

Apr 21st 2006


We know that the mystery employee is named Marjorie, and in season 2, she can be spied in Office Olympics, The Fight, The Secret, The Carpet, and Dwight's Speech. Dwight mentions that she is "out sick" in The Fire. Other than that, she remains a mystery.

Apr 21st 2006 edited

I don't know if this has been discussed before, but can anyone say how they would move on as television viewers if this show was ever cancelled? I know that is not about to happen, but could you imagine? I for one would be pretty devastated (entertainment-wise of course). People feel so close to these characters (part of the magic of this cast/writers).

May 20th 2006

Catherine Zeta-Jones, I am re-watching Season 2, and I just noticed that Dwight says his grandfather was in an Allied prison. Priceless!

That makes me wonder what side he was on -- I'm guessing he was a deranged, potato-gun-shooting (ha) Allied fighter.

May 20th 2006

I'm guessing that between Dwight being named 'Schrute' and Michael's comment about his "Nazi war criminal grandma" and his attempt to read Struwwelpeter to the children, Opa Schrute was not an Allied fighter.

May 20th 2006 edited

Touche, J1. That is probably likely.

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