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Digital Dunder Mifflin
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Jun 1st 2006

I've been visiting this site for the past few weeks, but now decided to register to share the project I've been working on for the past few days. I am an avid computer gamer, and I have been getting into designing my own maps. So for my new map, I have decided to recreate the Dunder Mifflin office. I still have a lot to add, but here are a few screenshots you can check out:

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Currently, the map uses only default textures and models that come with the game, but me and a friend plan on making our own textures and models (simple things like the Dwight bobblehead, a Dundie, etc) to make it look exactly as it does in the show. I'll update this thread as my map progresses. Thanks for looking.

Jun 1st 2006

I am utterly speechless.
Speechless. I don't kow what to say. This is amazing.

I made my own office maps with home and office design software but it is just little squares and lines. You have done it! As Sinead once said "nothing compares 2 U".

Please post a few more screen shots, I wanna make up some new desktop wallpaper with these.

One question: how many points before I get the BFG?

Jun 1st 2006

WOW! I too am blown away. Niiiice. Will be looking for the updates!

Jun 1st 2006

That is amazing. If only you made it for UT2004 ;)!

Jun 1st 2006

Ultimate Teamplayer,

That is so neat! I love it. Great job! Can't wait to see what else you add to it.

Jun 1st 2006

Yeah, yeah, make it like a HL2 map. We can "Boom! Michael Scarn!" all day!

Anyway, frickin awesome. I thought this thread was about the fact that and don't have anything to do with the Office. I checked the URL after The Fight, and Jim's email dealie with Pan.

Jun 3rd 2006

Thanks for the comments guys!

Here are a few new screenshots: Front entrance View of the main room View from above

and here are a few models I've been working on: Storage box Watercooler

And the game I'm making it for is Counter-Strike Source/Half-Life 2. Maybe when I get the map finished I'll work on making models of the cast to play as :P. A potential showdown of Jim vs. Roy perhaps?

Jun 3rd 2006

Dang, that's pretty cool.

Is this forum dead?

Jun 3rd 2006

Just a day off ;).

Jun 3rd 2006

That is awesome blossum! The mug on Jim's desk that reads "Hardly Working" is a nice touch.

Jun 3rd 2006

I'm impressed!! These are awesome. They put my line drawings to shame :(

Jun 4th 2006

Oh my. Jim Halpert (Nelson) with a Grav Gun.


Jun 4th 2006

So very cool. I definitely want to see how far this goes!

Jun 7th 2006 edited

Time for another update!

I got around to making a few custom textures, notably of the floor, walls, and the desks. I also added in some furniture and lighting to Michael's office, the break room, and the rest room area. Here are a few new screenshots:

Main Room

Michael's Office

Rest Room/Kitchen

Back Room

Break Room

Main Room again

Jun 7th 2006

WOW! The likeness is incredible! Awesome job!

Jun 7th 2006 edited

Your work is amazing! It's so realistic and beautiful. I can't wait to see more of this. Great job!

Jul 18th 2006

It's certainly been a while since I've updated this, but here's some news:

I added the warehouse and outside of the building a while ago, but its not as detailed as the actual office is. I'll post screenshots of this tomorrow.

The main reason I am updating this post, however, is because i made a 3D model of Steve Carell (just the head so far). I spent about 4 hours today on this, so here it is:

Virtual Steve Carell

If I have enough time, I'm going to try to animate the model and recreate a scene from the show, which I plan on entering into the YouTube contest. Unfortunately, I didn't think of this until a few days ago, so I'm kind of pressed for time.

Jul 19th 2006

Made another model today, this time of Dwight:

Virtual Dwight Schrute

Jul 20th 2006

That's really fantastic. Honestly your models helped me figure out the correlation of where everything is on the show, because occasionally I'm confused as to where the accountants are, and toby and kelly, etc.

You should definately recreate a scene and enter it, everything looks fantastic.

Hope to see more soon.

Jan 8th 2008

Is there anyway that I can get this map? Please please I beg! I'm a big office fan and it would be crazy to be able to play in it.

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