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[Closed] mistake
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Jun 5th 2006

has anyone else noticed Dwight says "amanda" instead of "angela" after Kelly kisses him?

Jun 5th 2006 edited

Hi, gobbluth. This comment belongs in the Mistakes thread.

Locking it up.

Jun 5th 2006 edited

The conversation (taken from NA's post on the episode):

Kelly : Hi.
Dwight : Oh, hello there.
Kelly : [Kisses Dwight]
Dwight : W-what are you doing?
Kelly : I dunno.
Dwight : You shouldn’t do things like that. A man is supposed to do that.

He says "A man", not Amanda -- if this is what you are referring too.

(also there are posts for mistakes and christmas party already, that you should have probably put this in ;))

Jun 5th 2006 edited

And it appears that I wasn't quite quick enough on the draw :). Thanks for the answering the question, chase that feeling.

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