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Can pizzas play DVDs?: TV on DVD
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Jun 17th 2006

The Season 2 DVD comes out right around my birthday (yay!), which is still almost 3 months away (boo!). So I thought a good way to kill some time (and possibly discover some new good shows during the summer) might be to share what other TV shows we've enjoyed so much that we bought them on DVD. I'm assuming that most of us don't have massive budgets for DVD-buying, so anything you're willing to actually buy must be a true favorite worthy of your bucks.

I own:

  • "Scrubs" Season 1
  • "Arrested Development" Season 1
  • "The Office" Season 1 (duh)

Looking to get soon:

  • "Arrested Development" Season 2
  • "Scrubs" (any season besides 1)
  • maybe "Prison Break" (I've heard good things about it, and I'm curious)
  • "Weeds" (I am very interested in this, but we don't subscribe to Showtime)
Jun 17th 2006 edited

I am liking this thread.

I own:

  • "Entourage," Seasons 1 and 2
  • "The Office," Season 1
  • "The Office," (BBC version)
  • "Sledge Hammer," Seasons 1 and 2 (this was a HYSTERICAL comedy from the 80's that was waaaaaaaay ahead of its time and completely politically incorrect. It was a critic darling and I HIGHLY recommend the show.
  • "Friends" Seasons 1 and 2

I'd love to have:

  • "Arrested Development," Seasons 1 and 2
  • "Moonlighting," Season 1
  • "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Any and all seasons that have been released - terrific show and highly recommended
  • "The Office," Season 2 (I will be at Target first thing in the am the day this sucker comes out)
Jun 17th 2006

I have the UK Office season 1 on DVD-but it was a rent and burn.
I also have the US Office season 1 (not burned-the real thing!)
My husband has burned copies of season 4 of Family Guy and season 5 of Gilmore Girls.

We just don't really have much for DVD's, and most of what we do have are ones that we rented and burned.


Jun 17th 2006

My television collection is as follows:

  • Futurama (Volumes 1 - 4)

  • Arrested Development (Seasons 1 & 2)

  • Scrubs (Seasons 1 & 2)

  • The Office (NBC, Season 1)

  • Boston Legal (Season 1)

  • Firefly (The Complete Series)

  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Volume 8)

It just occured to me, I buy more television DVDs than I do movie DVDs...

Jun 17th 2006

I forgot - I also have "Wonderfalls" (the complete series). It used to be on FOX (hard to believe, I know) and met a really untimely demise. Very funny and surreal.

Jun 17th 2006 edited

For time poster, long-time lurker... I love this post!!

I own:

"Scrubs" Seasons 1 - 3
"The Office" Season 1
"Coupling" the BBC Version Seasons 1 - 4
"The Dukes of Hazzard" Seasons 1 - 6 - I'm a sucker for cars that can jump!

Looking to get soon:

Is there anything more important than "The Office" Season 2 coming out???

Loaded Teapot, definitely get any of the other seasons of Scrubs. I watch repeats of Scrubs almost as much as I do The Office... which is a lot!!

Jun 17th 2006

No judgement please! I have the following:

The Office

Golden Girls S1


Buffy S1-4

Angel S1

Would love to get:

The Office S2

BBC Version of The Office S1 S2 and The Special

Any Seinfeld

Grey's Anatomy S1 S2

Early seasons of The Cosby Show (have I gone too far?)

Boston Common

Any Roseanne


I have a BIG wish list! I am sure I could come up with more.

Jun 17th 2006 edited

Futurama Season One

The Simpsons thru Season Three

The Office First Season (of course)

The Office First Series (BBC)

Kids In The Hall Seasons One and Two

Arrested Development Season One

Mr. Show Seasons One, Two and Three

Conan's Tenth Anniversary Special

The Best of the Chris Rock Show

Space Ghost Coast to Coast Volume III (1997)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (The one with "Angels Revenge", "Cave Dwellers", and "Pod People", as well as "Shorts")

Newsradio Seasons One and Two

And yes, before you ask, I try to leave the house regularly. ;-p

Jun 17th 2006

Arrested Development seasons 1 and 2
The Office season 1
The Daily Show Indecision 2004
Late Night with Conan O'Brien 5th and 10th anniversary specials

Soon, I'll also have...
Arrested Development season 3
The Office season 2
Strangers With Candy complete series
Stella season 1/full series

Oh, I also have a few SNL best-ofs. I forgot.

Jun 17th 2006 edited

Most notably:

  • The complete Monty Python's Flying Circus
  • Seinfeld seasons 1-4
Jun 17th 2006 edited

My current favourite TV on DVD:

Arrested Development S1 Veronica Mars S1 Deadwood S1 Grey's Anatomy S1 Gilmore Girls S1 Scrubs S1

On my "to purchase" list:

The Office S1 & S2 Arrested Development S2 Veronica Mars S2 Grey's Anatomy S2 Gilmore Girls S2

I live in New Zealand, so it takes a while longer for DVDs to come out here, or otherwise I have to pay astronomical postage to order through Amazon. The Office S1 is released here at the end of this month and I am super excited for it.

Jun 18th 2006

Excellent topic. I have a daily date (and a love hate relationship) with an elliptical trainer and in order to reward myself for getting on the darn thing I pop in a DVD. The system is working (I'm feeling great and I've lost several pounds), so I now cruise ebay looking for interesting DVDs. Currently on my shelf: The Office (US and UK), Band of Brothers (absolutely riveting), Battlestar Gallactica seasons 1 and 2 (I am not a scifi guy and ignored the recommendation of a friend who is for a year or so. I broke down this spring and bought year one on ebay and was immediately hooked. Possibly the best dramatic series currently on TV.) Firefly (I believe it was a shortlived Fox series of 13 episodes. My friend also recommended this one. Essentially it's Butch Cassidy set in outer space. The premise is goofy, but the stories and characters work.)

Jun 18th 2006 edited

I own:

  • Scrubs Seasons 1, 2, 3
  • Seinfeld Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Lost Season 1

Looking to buy:

  • Office Seasons 1 & 2 (I don't have 1 yet, because when it first came out and still I don't want to pay for 6 episodes, but I might as well when I buy season 2)
  • Any season of Monk. (not sure how many of the seasons have been released...)
  • SportsNight
Jun 18th 2006

Arrested Development s1 & 2 (and all of s3 downloaded on my laptop)

Curb Your Enthusiasm s1-4

Family Guy v1 & 2

The Office (UK) The Complete Series

The Office (US) s1 (and all of s2 on iTunes, gotta love iTunes!!! although I'll still of course get the DVD!)

Lost s1

Aqua Teen Hunger Force v1-4

Space Ghost Coast to Coast v1

Scrubs s1-3

TV on DVD is one of the best inventions ever!

(Oh, I also have Viva la Bam s1. I guess that should probably go on the guilty pleasures thread.. .)

Jun 18th 2006 edited

On DVD, I have:

  • The Office Season 1 (of course)

  • Family Guy Volumes 1-3

  • The Simpsons Seasons 1-7

  • Firefly

On my computer, I have:

Every episode of Arrested Development, The Office (UK), American Dad, Band of Brothers, My Name is Earl, Over There, and Scrubs, plus all the episodes of The Office (season 2) and Family Guy not on DVD yet. Also a few episodes of Whose Line and Robot Chicken. I burned many of the shows on my computer to DVDs.

I'm looking to pick up Arrested Development, The Office (UK), Band of Brothers, and Scrubs on DVD in the near future.

Apr 13th 2007 edited

I just stumbled across this thread, and . . . well, let me put it this way: In "Office Olympics", Michael says, "I do not understand what you spend your money on, Dwight". Well, it's pretty easy to figure out what I spend my money on: DVDs -- specifically, television shows on DVD. The complete list would be kind of embarassingly long, but here are a few off the top of my head:

  • All 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; all five seasons of Angel; and Firefly. Call it "the Joss Whedon Collection".

  • The first two seasons of The Office, of course.

  • All 3 seasons of Arrested Development.

  • More Frasier than is strictly neccessary.

  • A great deal of Northern Exposure.

  • All of the Scrubs there is available.

  • A certain amount of Dead Like Me.

  • A bunch of The Wire.

  • The BBC Office.

  • Roswell. (Ahem.)

  • Probably a lot of other stuff I'm forgetting.

It's a bit embarassing, really. I think I've seen every episode of Buffy at least three times, and several of them ("Restless", "Band Candy") much, much more than that. Now that I'm married, I don't get quite the same number of opportunities to re-watch my television DVDs, but the writer's life allows me a certain amount of leeway in the daytime, when there's no one around to demand that I talk to her.

Apr 13th 2007 edited

Ha! Frasier. We only have one season on DVD so far, and we keep rewatching the one where they go to the ski cabin. Good stuff.

My list:

  • The first 4 seasons of Office
  • All seasons of Arrested Development
  • All seasons of The Pretender
  • Season 1 of Flight of the Conchords
  • The complete series of Mr. Bean (I need to find Blackadder somwhere..)
  • 5 sets of Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • All seasons of Seinfeld
  • All seasons of X-Files (but my interest kind of left when Dave did)
  • The first 2 seasons of Wings
  • The first season of Crossing Jordan
  • The first 2 seasons of 30 Rock
  • The first 2 seasons of Third Rock From The Sun
  • The first season of Night Court (they need to release more of these!)
  • 6 seasons of That 70's Show (I refuse to buy the last one)
  • All seasons of The Twilight Zone
  • Season 1 of Chuck
  • Season 1 of Pushing Daisies
  • The first 3 seasons of Lost


Also, I still suck at markdown.

Also also, updated. "Yikes" indeed.

Apr 13th 2007 edited

This is a swell thread, and a much better way to spend my time than editing. The Office (UK and US)
My Name Is Earl S1
The Sopranos: all of 'em. I always break these out around exam time, and, since I'm entering my last exam times, I'm sure I'll be watching these soon.
The Wire: them too, but I'm not sure they lend themselves to rewatching, especially since I tend to rewatch tv shows on dvd in bunches.
Freaks and Geeks: excellent stuff.
Undeclared: pretty good stuff.
Deadwood S1
Monty Python: always good for a laugh
Tenacious D
I kind of get my fill of Scrubs on the tv, and I'm still pondering Arrested Development as a purchase.
Actually, I'm not sure if this is a swell thread or a depressing one.

Apr 13th 2007

Yeah, I just remembered a few more: Quantam Leap, seasons 1-3, Battlestar Galactica, and series 1 & 2 of A Bit of Fry & Laurie, because I must have a regular dose of Stephen Fry.

Apr 13th 2007

My sister-in-law got me the first two seasons of The Simpsons for consecutive Christmases. At this rate I'll have them all roughly three years before I grow old and die. I burned season 1 of The Office from NetFlix but sprang for the real thing on Season 2. I've got S1&2 of Arrested Development, with 3 on the way. I burn those, but only because I can't watch them fast enough without bogging down my Netflix queue.

Apr 13th 2007 edited

I have:

Season 1 of The Simpsons
Season 2 of 3rd Rock from the Sun
Season 2 of The Kids in the Hall
Seasons 1 & 2 of The Office (I got 2 for Christmas and just spent part of a Target birthday gift card on 1 today!)
Season 2 of South Park
Season 1 of Malcolm in the Middle

I also married into a VHS of select episodes of Ren and Stimpy which I haven't even watched. It just doesn't call to me.

I end up with season 2s because people who get things like this for me as a gift maintain that season 1 is always about a show finding itself. I'd have gotten the rest of 3rd Rock but it's not the full episodes--it's the cut versions they show in syndication. You can see the little jumps the actors make during the edits. I think that is abominable. I'd buy more Malcolm but I don't think they are making them.

Apr 13th 2007

The first season's the best one of 3rd Rock, if you ask me.

"Oh, Bazooka Joe! You fool!"

Apr 13th 2007

Between my roommate and I, we have:
* Seasons 1 and 2 of The Office
* Season 1 of Buffy
* Season 4 of Sex and the City
* Season 2 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force
* Seasons 1-2 of Arrested Development
* The entire The Wonder Years series

I would like to get:
* Season 3 of AD
* The rest of Buffy
* Roswell
* Freaks and Geeks
* It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Apr 13th 2007 edited

I don't obsess much over TV, but when I do I go all out, so I have:

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Office
The BBC Office
Beavis and Butthead

and that's it.

Apr 13th 2007 edited

I'll play (I am assuming stuff on your iPod counts, too):

Every episode of The Office

Season 1 of the UK The Office

Seasons 10 and 11 of South Park

Seasons 1 and 2 of Weeds

Season 1 of Ugly Betty (Sorry, UB haters...I think she's adorable!)

Season 1 of Heroes

Season 1 of 24

Old school:

VHS tapes of Moonlighting and Northern Exposure

Would like:

Any season of Arrested Development; I keep hearing great things about that show.

Apr 13th 2007

Would like:

Any season of Arrested Development; I keep hearing great things about that show.

I can't recommend it enough. I never watched it when it was on, but working my way through the DVDs (sloooooowllyyyyy) is great because it's like having another great show on to watch (except it's on 3 to 5 times a week in my house, whenever I'm on the treadmill basically).

How does Moonlighting hold up? That was my favorite show once upon a time.

Apr 13th 2007

How does Moonlighting hold up? That was my favorite show once upon a time.


I have only been obsessed with three TV shows in my Whole Life (I mean, truly obsessed); Moonlighting, Northern Exposure, and now, The Office.

Moonlighting holds up pretty well. Cybil and Bruce made it happen, even if, in their professional life, they hated one another. (And I think they did.)

One of the things I adore about The Office is their commitment to one another. The actors, I mean. Everybody on this show is SO supportive of one another; I think that is amazing. Go Jenna, go John, go Rainn, BJ, Mindy, Steve (of course), Creed, etc. etc. These people rock the house.

Apr 14th 2007

Northern Exposure

Second. Best. Show. Ever.

Apr 14th 2007

All of seinfeld, all of scrubs and all of the office (that are available) and season 1 of Grey's anatomy.

Oct 5th 2008

This was a very short-lived thread. I love you, LT.

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