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It's really the greatest day of all time
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Jul 5th 2006 edited

In "Christmas Party," Michael says that Christmas is the greatest day of all time, partly because you get to drink alcohol...

Anyhoo, what is your greatest day of all time and why? Weddings and the birth of children are totally fair answers, since they are real-life greatest moments, and this is a real-life kind of show. If you think along the same lines as Michael Scott and you love St. Patrick's Day because you can drink as much as you want...well, we're not here to judge. I just think this is an interesting "getting to know you" topic. And I love girl talk ;-) (but men are urged to participate, too).

Jul 5th 2006

The day I marry a woman I love (Roy) :-P

But seriously, I assume that day would be nice when it happens.

Jul 6th 2006

The day I get a job writing for the show will be the greatest day ever ;-p

That or just getting paid well enough for writing that I don't have to do anything else...which is very far off from now, as we speak.

Jul 6th 2006

The day I get a job with Jim writing for the show. Seriously, I write for a living now. But the happiest day -- after my wedding and impending child's birth -- will be the day I get a job as a writer.
Or the day the Mets win the World Series, whichever comes first.

Jul 7th 2006

Seriously, how fun would it be to sit in that room and flesh out new episodes of The Office? I think that would be as close as it comes to Nirvana.

And go Dodgers.

Jul 7th 2006

I don't want to wait another eighty-six years to see the BoSox win the Series again...but if it was between that and me writing for either The Office or Conan...I will be camping out at Fenway in 2092 ;-p

Jul 7th 2006

I will be camping out at Fenway in 2092 ;-p

Meet ya there, THPJ. Our dog's name is Fenway (used to be Fenway Nomar, but then...well, you know). We have a Big Papi AND a Green Monster bobblehead on our mantle even as I type. Oh, and a miniature replica of Fenway Park. Yes, 2004 was a good year ;-)

Jul 7th 2006

My greatest day is vacationing at Disney World (Orlando) with my husband and daughter. Aside from the fact that I looove the Magic Kingdom, we get a kick out of seeing my daughter's response to the rides, characters, etc. They have the greatest hotels and pools. Cheesy? Perhaps, but that is a pretty good day for me. Of course, I would be watching The Office on the drive to and from. :)

Jul 7th 2006 edited

used to be Fenway Nomar, but then...well, you know

Yes, Garciaparra is all ours now.
Had field-level first base seats on Wed.
Is it wrong to use binoculars from 30 feet away?

Feb 19th 2007 edited

Today is the anniversary of the greatest day of all time for me. Three years ago, we went to court and found out, after almost two years, that our son's adoption would be finalized. Of course, I still held my breath until the "official" papers came almost six months later, but walking out of the courthouse that day I remember, amidst all the crying and phone calls, feeling such a physical release. My whole body hurt; it was as if my muscles had been tense for months and months - and for good reason, since we had been informed repeatedly that it would not happen, ever - and I could finally relax a little.

Best day ever. Period.

Feb 20th 2007 edited

I just saw this. Congrats, LT. Did you celebrate? Was there cake?

Feb 20th 2007

That's really great, LT. I hope the day was full of happy memories and fun.

Feb 20th 2007 edited

LT, my best day ever (though I didn't know about it at the time,) was when my parents officially "got" me.

They went through the same angst you did. It is nice to see the positive adoption legacy continue...And I am glad all is well with your now secure family...Wonderful anniversary! BTW, I'm 36, and I love, deeply, my (adoptive, but very real) parents. Hope for the future!

edited to add: If this post seems freakishly enthusiastic (and, upon re-reading it, it does), it is because I am going to see my folks in a couple of days...and I don't get to see them as often as I'd like. LT's post just brought out the sap in me...

Feb 22nd 2007

I have a few:

December 30, 2000 - went out on my first real "date" date with a girl (it didn't work out in the end, but I'm glad for the memories)

May 15, 2001 - I start back to school after a three-year hiatus (i.e., flunking out of college in 1998).

January 5, 2005 - My cousin Seb is born

August 9, 2005 - My last day working at Winn-Dixie (little did I know that Ingles would be much, much worse)

February 14, 2006 - Told a girl at work how I felt (then proceeded to screw it up, but that was later)

January 6, 2007 - went out on a date with the girl to whom I gave a mix CD last week (really the best evening out I've had with anyone of the opposite sex).

Hopefully many more to come ;-)

Feb 22nd 2007

October 14th, 2006: Went from being an only child to having 40 sisters.

A lot of people poo-poo sororities, but this is by far one of the best decisions I ever made. They are the most amazing women I've ever met and I feel so blessed to be apart of the group.

Feb 23rd 2007

Mine's easy:

7 May 2005 -- Get married.

Followed shortly by:

28 Feb 2004 -- Meet the future Mrs F.

All the others have to do with sports and things, and sort of pale by comparison.

Feb 26th 2007

It wasn't the greatest day by any means but it easily could've been the worst day. Last year my boyfriend broke up with me and do you ever feel like you just don't know what to do? So I had to have a goal, something to look forward to in order to go to sleep. And I had just cut my hair 2 hours before the infamous phone call so I couldn't do that again. Looking back it seemed pre-emptive. So the next day I started running, again. Went out and bought my MP3 player. Drove out of state and climbed a little mountain - on the east coast they're smaller, and pierced my navel (which has since been taken out). Just kept really really busy but looking back I'm glad I took one day to have fun.

Sep 2nd 2008

Ummm.....The greatest day.....I've got nothing.

Sep 2nd 2008

Nooo!!! Don't do this!!! There's no reason Tooo!!!

Sep 2nd 2008

Why are you bringing all of these ugly threads to the front page?

That being said, I'm having an excellent day today.

Sep 2nd 2008

That's awesome, e-star.

And isn't resurrecting dead threads a very dangerous hobby? I thought we narrowly averted violence at the Water Cooler the last time a lot of this nonsense happened.

Sep 2nd 2008

You guys should see all the hidden closed threads on pages 16 and 17. Crazy stuff.

Sep 2nd 2008

Some of them aren't even closed, just hidden. So you can bump them if you can find them, Toosie.

Sep 2nd 2008

Why would you say that CZJ?

Sep 2nd 2008

I actually survive on other people's OCD angst.

Sep 2nd 2008

That has to be one for the books.

Sep 3rd 2008

Some of them aren't even closed, just hidden. So you can bump them if you can find them, Toosie.

What I can't see doesn't bother me.

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