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Another verse challenge: Cinquains for everyone!
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Aug 1st 2006

A cinquain is a poem with a gradually increasing number of syllables in each line until the last line, which returns to two syllables.

  • First Line: 2 syllables One word, giving title
  • Second Line: 4 syllables Two words, describing title
  • Third Line: 6 syllables Three words, expressing action
  • Fourth Line: 8 syllables Four words, expressing a feeling
  • Fifth Line: 2 syllables Another word for the title.

Example: here's mine, for this week's iPod question:

Roy Anderson
Discovered JAM's smooching.
He should evacuate Scranton.

With every new verse form, there are new opportunities to express yourself ;-) Go for it.

Aug 1st 2006 edited

Woah, this sounds a little tricky!
I'll give it a try:

Topic: The Office Olympics

Used yogurt lids
Michael's gone, let's play games
I love Flonkerton and PamPong

Edit: Okay, ooops I forgot the # of words part... I was just focusing on the syllables and type of phrase... I'll try again later and do this right.

Aug 1st 2006 edited

Always stoic
Threatens, protecting kid
Michael's "ass"essment is untrue

Aug 4th 2006

Office romance
Talking, flirting, pranking
Jim enjoys the receptionist

Aug 20th 2008

Devil's Butthole
Creepy guy disappeared
Missing Pammy...Lonesome...Depressed....

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