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Is the whole Michael and Jan thing over?
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Sep 24th 2006

So I saw on that Michael said he was seeing Carol right now. Does that mean the writers are done doing the Michael/Jan thing? What does everyone think if they are done? Good or bad? Just interested in everyone else's thoughts.

Sep 24th 2006

Well he said he and Carol only dated like five times and he couldn't remember her daughter's name, so that's not good. Then again, Jan seems ready to tear him a new one and there's been some talk, verified I think, that she plans to make his life hell. He's funnier when he's single but striving desperately and ineptly for love, so I think they'll keep that going.

Sep 24th 2006

Well, you have to have that crazy sexual tension, so who knows...

I think for Jan, Michael is like an addictive drug: you know it's wrong for you, you feel bad afterwards, but you can't quit. And when you're on it, you move paper like nobody's business ;-p

Sep 25th 2006

If Jan is going to be giving him hell all season, I suppose there will be no time for romance. Shoot.

Oct 12th 2006

Okay, I figured out the Jan/Michael situation(I think): Jan really isn't attracted to Michael at any time except when he comes to her rescue. For example: 1.) In The Client when he closes the big deal that Jan had trouble with 2. )When he makes up the story that he was just telling a joke in Valentines Day 3.) When he convinces her that she needs to get away from New York and have some fun on Casino Night Because she is such a strong woman I think she feels that at times when she is weak somone can save her from showing her weakness in public. And that is what Michael does. And Michael likes her because she is a woman that gives him attention and showed her attraction to him. But then again, Meredith kind-of did that to Michael and he obviously isn't into her so...

Oct 12th 2006

I guess the question is what "over" means. I think we're going to be seeing a lot of their interactions still influenced by the Jachael tension, but more kissing? I kind of doubt it...

Though I'd like it. More kissing, I say! It always makes things deliciously awkward.

Oct 12th 2006

If you have not yet, Melora's Q&A will give you quite a good insight into what is to come with Jan/Michael and Jan's feelings....

Oct 13th 2006 edited

There is something that has been bugging me about the whole Michael/Jan/Carol thing. Michael has supposedly chosen Carol over Jan (although Jan might not have been an option anyway.)

Here's the dealio. We are all assuming that Michael is seeing Carol, but we have not really seen any evidence that this is true. The only way that we know that they are together is based on Michael's and Dwight's testimony. If we listened to Michael we would think that he really had a thing going with Jan. Dwight still believes it because Michael never told him otherwise. So, just because Michael says he and Carol are dating, it is not necessarily true. His perception of things is a little skewed.

At the Convention, Michael told Jan that he was with Carol, but that was the end of the talk about her. We don't see any phone calls or hear of any things that they have done together. Michael also packed fun jeans and condoms. Why? I've also noticed that throughout the episodes this season, Michael has been the same as always around Jan. For instance in Grief Counseling when Jan calls to tell Michael about Ed Truck, Michael says, "Is that the only reason you called, or does somebody miss me?"

I'm just saying that the whole thing is in question. Until we actually see some Michael/Carol interaction, I will have my doubts.

Oct 13th 2006

Plaid-if you don't mind being spoiled go over to Office Tally and Jennie has posted the description for the episode airing on November 2nd. Sounds like Carol is gonna be in this one!


Oct 13th 2006

Thanks, ddker,

If Michael is really seeing Carol, I wonder why he isn't bragging about it all of the time like he did with Jan even though there was nothing to really talk about. There's probably just not enough time to fit it into any of the episodes.

Oct 13th 2006



Summary (NBC): Michael encourages the entire Scranton branch to support Kelly and attend a local celebration of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. As Ryan nervously faces Kelly’s family at the event, Michael,NEW GIRLFIREND CAROL, and the staff sample a range of Indian culture and cuisine. Meanwhile, Andy convinces Jim to turn a late night of work into a drinking game.

Nov 23rd 2006 edited

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Thank you, Mixed Berries

Aug 25th 2008

Does that mean the writers are done doing the Michael/Jan thing?

Unfortunately, no. It looks like they weren't done. Maybe Michael could learn something from the Carol thing this time and go for the right chick.

Apr 19th 2010

Is it finally done? She had a baby that wasn't his. He's kinda into that bar manager. Is it finally done?! Yay!

Apr 19th 2010 edited

Toos! You're breaking my brain...again.

eta: Weird. I wrote that before I saw that you resurrected the Meltdown thread. Spooky.

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