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Scrantonicity: Killer Band Names
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Nov 10th 2006

Mmmmkay, so, this has been an ongoing thing with me and my colleagues for years:

I choreograph abstract dances, and the hardest part is always coming up with a title for any given dance. Often, I will come up with a good title, not appropriate for a dance, but perfect for a non-existent band. So, I thought it might be fun to come up with "Office"-related non-existent band names, farmed from these threads. As I said in the last thread I started, feel free to let this die if you think it's lame. So, I'll go first:

Killer band name:

Count Chocula Strikes Back

Nov 10th 2006

The Receptionists

Nov 10th 2006

Dwight Schrute and the Deputies

Nov 10th 2006

Green is Whorish

Hot Sexy Temp

Nov 10th 2006

Kelly Kapour Story Hour

Nov 10th 2006

Threat Level Midnight

The Scarns

The Dead Birds

Creed Clearsoup Revival

Jimi Halpert

NFM Vanwagon (No Find Man)

Spud Guns N' Roses

Fissures from Down Under

I'll stop now. Maybe.

Nov 10th 2006

C'mon, Brian; I know you've got a few more...

Nov 10th 2006

Fissures from Down Under

Oh, no, lord, no...

Nov 10th 2006

Capa Detators

Mach Five

Door-to-Door Charlatans

Fancy New Beesley

Nov 10th 2006

I've got a few...a couple are more Indie than "killer rock", but hey, that's where I'm coming from...
The Poor Richards
The Future Dwights
Funeral for a Bird
Scranton Party
Killer Nano Robots
The Party-Planning Bee-yotches

Nov 10th 2006

Funeral for a Bird

I'm totally stealing that if I ever start an emo band.

Nov 10th 2006 edited

The Mung Beans
Women In The Workplace

Let's fleece this out a little about album titles?

Into the Black With Ferocity
Judges and Juries
Chase That Feeling
This Is My Blood

Song titles?

"Sixty-Nine Cup Noodles"
"I Stopped Caring (A Long Time Ago)"

Nov 10th 2006

The Dundies

album title: We will not Acquiesce

hit single: "Spicy Curry"

This is fun :)

Nov 10th 2006 edited

Beet Venus
Sex Pact

I like Poison in the Coffee for an album name, although not necessarily by the aforementioned.

Nov 10th 2006 edited

Monkey Kidney
Album: Wonderland
First three tracks
1: Cross at a ridge
2: Why do you keep CCing me?
3: Seven and Seven

Nov 10th 2006 edited

Naked Aggression
Pair of Merries

On the Ghetto

"Estimate Me"

Nov 10th 2006

The Afganistaninanis on their self-titled album:

"Loading trucks without meaning"

Nov 10th 2006 edited

The Progidals

Five Years Sober
Cautionary Tales

"Bobblehead Joe"
"Not a Bad Day"
"(Why Are You) The Way That You Are"
"Slow Train from Philly"
"Maybe I'm Crazy In Love"

Nov 10th 2006

The First Impressions

Nov 11th 2006 edited

This one's for your whatevs...

The Whatevs featuring their first single, "Ain't no party like a Scranton Party"
_...and other hits...

Office Love
Stolen Glances
Be My Monkey
You're Love's the Cure for My Hydrodentoplosion

Nov 11th 2006

The chips guy has his own single coming out: "I Shook It"

Nov 11th 2006

Fabrik Soften-r

Health Care In the Wild

Great Scott

Nov 11th 2006 edited

The chips guy has his own single coming out: "I Shook It"

oh, really. that's interesting, considering the karens' recent cover of shake it up baby

hmmm, now i'm starting to wonder was that the karens or jam crasher

Nov 11th 2006 edited

You guys are so funny...

Something Weird
-The Michael Scott Album by Michael Scott with Dwight Schrute

Relish (featuring Jan Levinson)
King of the Stupid Universe
Unpleasant Memories
Napkin Rage
We're All Screwed
We're All Screwed (the remix)
We're All Screwed (instrumental version)
Show me that Farm

Nov 11th 2006 edited

Dwide Schrude & the Beet Farmers

The Napkin Tantrum

I think there are probably a lot of song & album titles in Jim's pratical jokes:

"Phone Full of Nickels"
"Four Years of Malfeasance"
"Security Threat"
"Everyone has Called Me Dwayne"
"Meredith on the Can"
"Just a Simple Macro"

Nov 11th 2006 edited

Yay! I love this thread!
The Alliance
The Orbs
27 Seconds
Aspiring Whores
The Purple Belts
The Stanley Tree

Shut It
That Is Something Special

Nov 11th 2006 edited

The Stamford Stompers

Album: Merger Meltdown

Hit Songs:

"Relocation Blues"

"Skinny Arms Ain't Everything"

"Goodbye, NYC, Hello Rustbelt!"

Edit: Obviously, this is a country band. I hear they're huge in Belgium...

Nov 11th 2006

The Receptionists

Album: Dunder-Mifflin, This Is Pam


"Three Years Waiting"

"The Guy with the Goofy Grin"

"My Boss (Is a Jerk)"

"Pam Version 2.0"

"What are You Doing?"

"Dwight Is My Friend!"

"June 10 (D-Day)"

"Mixed Berry"

"Please Don't Throw Garbage At Me (Chemical Brothers Remix)"

"Graphic Design"

"By The Time I Land In Stamford"

Nov 11th 2006 edited

"Great Scott" - A greatest hits collection from the life and work of Michael Gary Scott

1. What is so hard to believe? (I grilled my foot)
2. School of Hardscotts (Home for Dinner)
3. (I Know) Because I'm Him
4. The Longest Time (Recorder Remix)
5. (Don't Be) Toby
6. A Hole in the Heart (Jan's Song)
7. Mambo Number Hi-Five (ain't no's at thanksgiving)
8. Jim Is A Friend of Mine
9. Keep on Truckin' 'Till Your Cappa is Detated (A Tribute to Ed)
10. Home for Supper with Carol (My Girlfriend...we've had sex)
11. Great Scott (Comic Hero Version-Previously Unreleased)

Lyric sampling from "(Don't Be) Toby":
In the style of 80s light rock

Doooon't be
I hate everything he chooses to beeee

Why is he the way that he is?
I'm telling you if it wasn't for his kid
And the fact that he is corporate
Toby Flenderson wooooullld be dead.

Two-Hole Punch Jim, didn't mean to bite your title, didn't read through everything before hand, either way I hope you don't mind my accidental use of it.

Nov 12th 2006

The Mixed Berries with their single off the album All In, (I Wanna Be) More Than That

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