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[Sticky, Closed] Spoiler Policy (New and Improved)
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Nov 15th 2006 edited

Our original spoiler policy was detailed, ambitious, and extremely confusing. Our new policy should be much easier to follow. First, some definitions:

  • Spoilers are defined as information regarding an episode that has NOT yet aired with the exception of episode titles, official episode summaries (example), and the episode promos that are shown on NBC (either following an episode or throughout the week during commercial breaks). Speculation about future episodes based on past episodes or from any of the three sources listed above is NOT considered a spoiler.
  • An episode is considered aired once the broadcast starts on the US east coast.

With that in mind, our spoiler policy is as follows:

  • Spoilers may only be posted in the Spoilers thread or the Media with spoilers thread. Everything else is fair game and may be posted anywhere.

Note that once a new episode has started on the east coast, it may be discussed openly throughout the forums. Keep this in mind, non-east-coasters.

The moderators are all reasonable folks; if you post a spoiler where it doesn't belong, you'll receive a friendly reminder from a moderator, your comment may be edited (or hidden completely if it's a particularly gnarly spoiler), and that'll be that. No big deal. Unless of course you're purposefully trying to ruin the show for everyone else, in which case you'll be reprimanded and flung off the premises.

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