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Let's shed more light on the penises...favorite character-specific scenes
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Dec 18th 2006 edited

Pick out your favorite scene or episode for a specific character.

The scene where Michael sings "O.P.P." in the Dundies and the Basketball episodes are my favorite Michael Scott moments.

Dec 18th 2006

Jim: His talking head from "Conflict Resolution", in which he's talking about all the pranks he's played on Dwight, and slowly comes to the realization how sad it is that this is how he spends all his time. It's really an amazing bit of television, and unlike anything you'll see on any other show that's currently on.

Dwight: Also from "Conflict Resolution": When he says, "This is humungous. I am not a security threat. And my middle name is Kurt, not Fart." I maintain that the moment the word "humungous" escapes Dwight's lips is the funniest thing that's ever happened on this show, and maybe the funniest thing in the history of television.

Pam: "I'm feelin' kinda good right now." That scene, from "Casino Night", is the one that really caused me to fall in love with Pam, and become irrational about her. I am now completely insensible to her flaws.

Michael: I have a hard time with this one, because frankly, Michael bugs the crap out of me a lot of the time. I think it's probably also from "Casino Night", in which he tells Toby, "I hate so much about the things that you choose to be."

Ryan: Without question, it's his list of excuses from "Benihana Christmas". For the most part, I could do without Ryan, but that's pretty good.

. . . and from Stanley: "Boy, have you lost your mind? Cos I'll help you find it!" The first time I saw that, I laughed until I cried. No kidding.

Dec 18th 2006

Jim's silent look of utter grief on "Booze Cruise" (after Pam and Roy set the date), gutting to watch

Michael's whole "ladies man" speech from the first season rofl

Close second: Michael's lack of medical knowledge ("negative means good in medical terms"?) from Michael's Birthday

Pam's nervous response to Jim's admission of "had" a crush on her in "The Secret"

Dwight waking up in the D-M offices after Michael's night out with Jan

Ryan and the "no cookie" aftermath

Creed's smell of death

Phyllis singing Whitesnake

Toby shutting the door when Michael leads the rest of the men to the warehouse

Dec 19th 2006 edited

Michael - Attempting to explain his leaderSHIP analogy/boiler room to the staff in Booze Cruise. (I would have said the basketball game, but it was already taken).

Dwight - Trying to convert the ladies' room to a men's room, as there are no "ladies" in Dunder Mifflin, Scranton in The Dundies.

Jim - His excitement/endearment when Pam sits on his bed and looks at his yearbook in Email Survailence.

Pam - Her head shake to Katy's "awesome" cheer in Booze Cruise.

Ryan - Ryan's talking head when he realized that he hooked up with Kelly on Feb. 13th.

Toby - Listing the reasons why there would not be a troop of BoyScouts at Casino Night.

Stanley - (out of character, which makes it all the more funny)...His face as he waits in line for pretzel day and then his reaction when Phyllis cuts in line.

Creed - "Oh I steal things all the's just something I do." from Casino Night.

Kevin - soaking his feet in the bath and jammin' to Run DMC in the Christmas Party episode.

Dec 19th 2006 edited
  • Michael - Bros before Hos speech in Benihana Christmas. To me, the funniest moment in the history of the show. When he got emotional at the end I honestly thought I might start hyperventilating I was laughing so hard.
  • Pam - Drunken acceptance speech at The Dundies. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Jim - "Use words, Dwight" when Dwight was listening to R.E.M. in his car in The Fire.
  • Dwight - This was the toughest, it made me realize how many great moments he's had. I'll go with an old one - when Michael asks them to identify races they are sexual attracted to in Diversity Day, "I have two, white and Indian" while sitting next to Kelly.
  • Ryan - Realizing where Pam was going with her Million Dollar Baby speech in Grief Counseling and playing along.
  • Angela - When Katy asks her favorite colors in Hot Girl - "Gray...light gray...charcoal".
  • Kevin - Tie between his robotic, rehearsed delivery of his excuse not to hang out with Michael in Email Survelliance and "If I wasn't engaged I would so hit that" about Pam in The Convention.
  • Creed - "Which one is Pam" in The Secret.
  • Stanley - "If you do that you're going to have to put out" on Phyllis' advice to Pam to order the most expensive thing on the menu in The Convention.
  • Phyllis - Asking what to do about one-night stands in Sexual Harrassment.
  • Toby - "To Amsterdam" toast in Dwight's Speech.
  • Kelly - Asking Jan what it meant when her and Michael got to second base and her resulting wink at the camera in Boys and Girls.
  • Andy - "I'm soooo horny" then asking Pam out in The Convict.
  • Karen - Imitating Jim's faces in Gay Witch Hunt.
  • Roy - "You're all gay" in The Fire.
  • Darryl - Talking head in Casino Night.
  • Jan - "Don't smell me" to Michael in Performance Review.
  • Todd Packer - "Where's Michael Snot? Out sniffing some dude's thong? Probably." from Sexual Harrassment.
Dec 19th 2006

Favorite scene for Michael, for Dwight, and for Jim can be taken care of in one scene: When Jim and Michael are driving Dwight to the hospital. When Jim has to spray them with the water bottle like two misbehaving cats I have trouble catching my breath.

Dec 19th 2006 edited

*Jim: His Stanley impression and when he says to the camera "I'd save the receptionist." Oh! and when he goes balls out on the basketball court and takes Roy down. And I completely agree with Fleece about that van scene.

*Pam: "Those are the rules of jinx and they are unflinchingly rigid" and her tapping the coke can across Jim's desk.

*Michael: Any time he cries, and when he messes his hair up to look more like Jim.

*Dwight: "You can't fire me, I don't work in this van!".. I can't watch that without laughing.

*Angela: When she peeks over to Pam's desk to find out if Dwight is OK, and her "Pam pong" line

*Kelly: "That was the saddest funeral ever... That, and my sister's."

*Ryan: His "of course" as Dwight strands him in a beet field and him talking to himself afterwards. Also, his "That's the least of my worries right now" when he got the 'Hottest in the Office' Dundie.

*Phyllis: "You've got a lot to learn about this town sweetie" and her "I don't like you" to Angela in Conflict Resolution.

*Creed: Hands down "So which one is Pam?", another good one is when he introduces himself to Meredith in the break room.

*Oscar: When he gets Creed a shamrock keychain for secret santa.

*Meredith: Her dancing with the oven mitt on in the first Christmas episode.

*Kevin: Double fudge... or Angela.

*Stanley: "Yeah, I like pretzel day" and how he wouldn't let Phyllis cut in line and gave Michael a high-five afterwards.

*Toby: "OK, I wasn't expecting that" when Angela refuses to let Sasha help set up the party.

*Roy: "Piss-slop who-cares-uh? We played you!"

*Todd Packer: "What's up mah nerds?" and "Hey Halpert, still queer?"

*Andy: Singing 'Rainbow Connection' and "Like a carpenter who builds.. stairs."

*Karen: Tearing Angela's poster down and throwing the paperclips when Jim launches the pretend grenade at her.

*Jan: When she comes into the office and answers Pam's hello with "I'm great, thanks"

*Darryl: His secret handshake with Michael.

Dec 19th 2006

Dwight's speech at the sales convention after receiving Jim's hints, I have watched this 10 times minimum, and I try to use portions at work

Pam making Dwight run around the building while using a thermometer to time him

Jim's talking head about the use of Dwight's stationery to make him believe he is receiving faxes from the future

Kelly's excitement at the branch not closing, almost taking Ryan's arm off in the fridge

Creed stealing presents

Meredith on the booze cruise topless

Michael's presentation to the new CFO with the other branch managers

Toby rubbing Kevin

Kevin's insider trading triple explaination

Oscar in his driveway when confronted by Dwight

Phyllis reminding Michael that they were in the same high school class

Karen killing Jim when he is running into a wall constantly on that video game team building thing

REading everyone elses list made me laugh outloud about 5 times...sorry so many of mine are season 3, I have a bit of a memory problem. I should probably buy that Nintendo brain age thing.

Dec 19th 2006

I love Jim's "Their bread is VERY good."

Dec 19th 2006

When Dwight draws a correlation between the shockingly high number of yeast infections around Scranton and the fact that the city is downstream from an old bread factory.

Oh, and when Michael realizes that black people do in fact like pizza, thereby making it universal.

Dec 19th 2006 edited

Pam: "WOW! Jim really pulled out the big guns. Fake crying! ...I was not expecting that." (bounce, bounce). (Drug Testing)

Jim: His silent response to "Jim, you can tell me anything." (also Drug Testing)

Dwight: "Blood alone moves the wheels of history!" (Dwight's speech - an underrated ep in my opinion)

Dec 21st 2006

Michael - "Sometimes you just have to be the boss of dancing." Man, I hope someone does the knee-slapping thing at prom!

Jim - "I just needed you to know...once." I know, I know, everyone always talks about Casino Night, but this scene makes me cry everytime. He is such a good actor! As for funny moments, I'm gonna have to go with "Absolutely I do."

Pam - "It's an epidemic." Health Care is old school, but amazing.

Dwight - His whole speech about Angela to Pam during Valentine's Day. He is so endearing, yet so irritating. I love it. Also, "Like an AIDS test?" makes me die. I guess we do live in a world where someone can tell a hilarious AIDS joke.

Ryan - Going on about how Mufasa was trampled by a herd of wildebeasts. That was brilliant.

That's probably enough, although I could definately do more!

Jul 28th 2008

a herd of wildebeasts

I read this as "a herd of wildebreasts" as I was just scanning through. I'm not gay.

You know a great scene that no one seems to talk about? The end of Casino Night. That one scene where Jim kisses Pam? Call me crazy, but I actually loved that scene.

Jul 28th 2008

Really? Because when I saw it I was kinda meh.

Except, the opposite of that.

Jul 28th 2008 edited

One of my all time favorite Michael moments was when he marked the waitresses arm with the sharpie in ABH. I laughed until I cried, and then when he admitted it to Jim.

There are so many for Dwight, but one that stands out for me right now, was during Diversity Day, after Pam gives him the hint about Asians being bad drivers, and he says, "Oh man, am I a woman???"

Jul 28th 2008

Hey, can the mods edit thread titles? Because this one is driving me absolutely apeshit.

Jul 28th 2008

What do you want it to be?

Jul 28th 2008

Properly punctuated.

Jul 28th 2008

I didn't know if you disliked "Thats" or the "___", which annoyed me. So I fixed both (before I saw you were on it CZ-J).

Jul 28th 2008

What was it before? What made DftF go apeshit?

Because I'm always looking for new ways to make DftF go apeshit! :-)

Jul 28th 2008

Hey, can the mods edit thread titles?

What do you want it to be?

Wait, we can do that?

Jul 28th 2008 edited

Properly punctuated.

LOLZ @ DftF!!111!!!!

Jul 28th 2008

How else would you explain the "All the reasons we love CZ-J, "Brian is a great guy because..." and "Australia is great, but MB makes it greater" threads?

Jul 28th 2008

Thats funny, griefbone!

Jul 28th 2008

The name is a little broad, don't you think?

Jul 28th 2008

What, like Angela?

Jul 28th 2008

Cool, I just figured it out! Having never started a thread myself, I didn't know where you entered the thread title. But now I do.

Jul 28th 2008

Hopefully it's clearer and more specific now.

Jul 28th 2008

bows to the Mods and their infinite wisdom.

Jul 28th 2008

This is madness.

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