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[Closed] Yankee Swap: Office related Christmas gifts
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Dec 24th 2006

Discuss any Office related Christmas gifts you received or gave

I received an autographed photo of Jenna, John, Rainn and BJ, and an autographed photo of Jenna (pictered as Pam) I got them from my parents (actually dad, he and I talk nonstop about the Office and he got me into the series) I felt a little wierd about getting the Jenna photo in front of my wife of 10 years, but I think she realizes Pam/ Jenna are a little of my type and she has recently become a fan of the show. Dad and I also got eachother Dwight Bobbleheads, which was pretty funny

Merry Christmas and everything else celebrated this time of year

Dec 25th 2006

I got one of the keychains, and my favorite quote is "This is a welcoming environment, and I think you should just get the hell out of here."

Dec 25th 2006

I got one of those nifty Office Calendars and I can't wait for it to be January to use it!

Another cool thing was when my brother played Greensleeves for us on the clarinet last night and introduced it as the traditional ballad about the beheaded Anne Boleyn.
Can we open up this thread to other gifts we got?

Dec 25th 2006

Abso-fruitly Open to any gifts received

Dec 25th 2006

Hey guys, I realize this is slightly different from the other Yankee Swap thread, but how 'bout this: I'm going to close this thread, and then change the title of the other one to include not only ideas but also actual, received gifts. Sound good? Great.

Feel free to repost the comments from this thread over there.

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