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[Closed] Map of the Office Set?
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Jan 7th 2007

I am wondering if anyone has a link to a map of the Office set. Mainly I'm interested in the door that is behind Stanley and to his left. I don't remember them ever using the door. I saw a on the set of the Office video today on netscape and it showed that the roof acces is in the area between the conference room and the back break room. So I assume the door leads to a hallway to the roof access? Every other part of their office space is so well defined, so I'm just curious about this.


Jan 7th 2007 edited

Can do you one better, virtual tour of office at nbc

Or, consider this thread and this one. Both have links to previously estimated layout plans.

Jan 8th 2007

Thanks for pointing ndoffice in the right direction, chase.

Shuttin' 'er down.

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