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[Closed] Thank You, Icelandic Representative: Games you play at work
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Mar 1st 2007 edited

Sorry if this is covered in a previous thread (I didn't see it when I looked, though)...

At my job, we have this game (it doesn't really have a name) where you come up with a name of an improbable combination business in the form of "blank and blank" (the two words have to rhyme). You tell your co-workers the two types of business (for example, a shoe store and an electronics store) and they have to guess the name of the combination company.

I actually did "Combination shoe store and electronics store" at work today, if anybody wants to guess what the combination company was.

EDIT: D'oh...NOW that I've started this thread, I find the old one on this topic. Oh well. Countdown to mod thread closure in five....four...

Mar 1st 2007

's OK.

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