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May 16th 2007

I've been trying to access for three days now, but every time I go to the page, it says:

"OfficeTally is currently unavailable. Please go to OfficeTally's MySpace page for further updates. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience! -Jennie "

I go to the myspace page but you can't access it without becoming a 'friend'...

Help! I need more Office fixes!

May 16th 2007


May 16th 2007

Also, if you enter in dwigt and dwigt for the username and password you should be able to get to the real OfficeTally. Of course, it was much easier avoiding spoilers when I didn't have to see new ones added every day to the OT sidebar. But it's worth it just to have the quote randomizer back.

May 16th 2007 edited

Good to have OT back in the ranks. This thread has served its purpose, shutting it down. I've added a link to TempTally to the front page of NA.

Please refrain from using all caps in your thread titles. It may seem petty to some, but it's a pet peeve of mine.

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