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Stanley Hudson : It's all about my bonus
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Feb 20th 2006 edited

Discuss all things Stanley.

Feb 20th 2006

"did you learn that on the streets...oh sorry"

"yes i did, in the ghetto in fact!"

Feb 20th 2006

"This here's a run out the clock situation...just like upstairs."

SO true of so many instances in the workplace...

Feb 20th 2006

Stanley's card on his head said "Black"...


Feb 20th 2006

It's funny that he's so serious about his work, but all it takes is for someone to say "hot dog fingers" and he's all giggles.

Feb 22nd 2006

I suppose when it comes to Michael Scott, no one really has a sense of humor.

Mar 16th 2006

the usually subdued Stanley absolutley ROCKED Ryan when he was talking to his daughter. Man, what an awesome untapped character.

Mar 16th 2006

Hell hath no fury like a Stanley scorned.

Mar 17th 2006

Ryan got laid out for something he didn't do and I guess now was not the time to try and plead his case. He stood there and took it like a man.

Later, when Stanley's daughter volunteered to go with Ryan to Michael's house, Ryan disappeared like a vapor trail. Poof he was gone.

Like someone here said last night, the supporting cast carried this episode that saw much less Michael involvment.

Jun 1st 2006

"I do not think that is funny."

Stanley is hilarious. And has awesome dribbling form.

Jun 22nd 2006 edited

I love how Stanley pronounces it "apeteasers".

"This is a run-out-the-clock situation, just like up there"

Hee hee.

Jun 23rd 2006

"Will Lady Fortune give me a raise?"

"At least I didn't get 'Smelliest Bowel Movement' like Kevin!"

Jun 23rd 2006

Funniest Stanley line that never fails to crack me up -

From Email Surveillance when Michael comes out of his office and everyone is waiting to hear him explain why he's spying on their emails, Michael says, "Ya know what the problem is?" and Stanley says, "I think I do." I laugh at that every time.

Jun 23rd 2006 edited

Also, Conflict Resolution, while Pam is yelling at Angela, Michael and Stanley are going at it (this is right before the 'whites only' line). The convo goes something like this

Stanley, you got a lot of anger. Let it out!

You do not want me to let it out

Yes I do.

..Do you really?


Also, I wondered about the "appeteasers" line. I did some research, and at Chili's, the appetizers are called "appeteasers" on the menu. So it does make sense.

Jun 23rd 2006

Stanley finished off after Michael says "no" with "Cos I will..."

I love that. I'd love to hear Stanely let it all out. If it's anything like when he went off at Ryan, it would be hilarious!

Jun 24th 2006

"Hey Stanley, do you have any games we can play?"

"Yeah, it's called 'Work Hard So My Daughter Can Go to College'."

"Fair enough."


Nov 5th 2006

Haha just saw Stanley (Leslie) guest starring on a Scrubs episode, as Turk's patient. He said that while he was under during the operation, he heard Turk talking about his sex dreams about Elliot. He had the same Stanley delivery, very matter of fact.

Nov 5th 2006

I find it funny that Stanley mentions that his bed is too small. Also, that he has two toasters. That is one weird house.

Nov 5th 2006

"That is my daughter. She goes to Cath-o-lic girls' school and I'm taking it down right now." In reference to the picture that is Michael's favorite part of the day. They definitely need more Stanley!

Nov 17th 2006

I thought Stanley was classic in the Merger episode. There were so many things behind his reluctance to bond immediately with the new black guy, and he covered them all with a few looks and minimal dialogue. From his perspective: First, the guy is a young punk and Stanley has a daughter to support. What do they possibly have in common? Second, Stanley is mad that he didn't get a severance package (and probably still mad that he had to cancel his order for new flooring when his bonus fell through) and this new guy just reminds him of that. Third, he's probably annoyed that the guy decided to bond with him because he's black first and not because they are just new coworkers. Finally, all the new coworkers are tainted because of the behaviors of a few, namely Hannah and her Breast Pump (totally obnoxious, don't care if it's legal to do that, doesn't make it good taste) and Karen and her complaints about Phyllis's stinky perfume.

In general, it is very interesting to me that his character is Catholic. Not that religions matter, but it does "break type" in a way. I know there are lots of black Catholics but in the United States it's not the first religion that comes to mind when black and religion is portrayed in the media. Stanley being Catholic and not Baptist just adds dimension to his character. (For the record, Bernie Mac's TV character was Catholic, too. Mr. Eko on Lost I am disregarding.)

I suppose he could just be sending his daughter to Catholic school but still. Stanley is a grumpyish middle aged guy approaching retirement too slowly who happens to be black. It is his misfortune that he works for a guy who thinks that black is the most interesting part of him! And who will never, ever understand the problem. So Stanley suffers on. I guess he couldn't be anything else BUT Catholic!

Actually, you don't see Catholic on TV that much in any character, unless someone is flaming ethnic or a priest. Different musings for a different day.

Nov 17th 2006 edited

The Barones on Everybody Loves Raymond were Catholic.

Nov 17th 2006

André Baugher's character from Homicide was very, very Catholic.

Nov 18th 2006 edited

in the deleted scenes of Booze Cruise Dwight says he's Catholic.

oh, and you don't get Baptists in PA. at least i don't know any. so, i think Stanley being Catholic is pretty realistic for the area.

Feb 26th 2007

Is there any other support for the idea that Stanley's Catholic besides where his daughter goes to school? My wife taught in a Catholic school in the Bronx for a year. All 35 of her students were black. Almost none were Catholic. It just beat the public school options available in that fine neck of the woods. The parents, who could swing the tuition, appreciated the discipline the school offered and the shared belief in beating children as an educational tool.

Feb 26th 2007

It's also possible that his wife is Catholic, even if he isn't.

On another Stanley note, NBC put up a deleted scene from Cocktails that is basically a rehash of Stanley yelling at Ryan for talking to his daughter. I have to say I didn't find it very funny this time around. (Except that Ryan actually tried to run away this time, retreating to the women's restroom only to have Stanley following him in. That was a nice touch.) Maybe it's just me, I don't have much of a stomach for humor based on a misunderstanding that could easily be explained away.

I guess Creed sold her a fake I.D.

Feb 26th 2007

I was surprised Stanley wasn't more upset to see his 16 year old daughter in the bar. But I thought it was funny, especially how Kelly automatically assumes that Ryan is flirting with her.

Feb 27th 2007

Maybe she got a fake ID from Creed?

May 8th 2007

I am obsessed with Stanley. Now I think it's funny how he defies stereotypes that I learned about in Undercover Brother. Stanley steals Kevin's Miracle Whip? Don't we learn that black people are incapable of eating mayonnaise unless it is covered in hot sauce? Isn't that Undercover Brother's test as Anton? Or is Stanley really that perverse and just taking mayo out of Kevin's jar to piss him off. Removing mayo isn't the same as eating it, you know.

May 8th 2007

But he loves the tangy zip of Miracle Whip, so he must be consuming it somehow.

May 8th 2007

Miracle Whip is to mayo as Buddhism is to Sonny Bono.

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