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Changing Classic Song Lyrics: Which for me, has ruined them for life
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Feb 21st 2008 edited

I was at the train station and I for some reason starting singing:

Oh, Stanley, you came and you gave without taking

But, it's not pretzel day

Oh, Stanley, Ryan's "hi" couldn't stop you from shakin

Please lock your daughter away

So since, there's a while till a new Office, I thought we could change the lyrics to a number of classic songs runing them for life. Feel free to off-rhyme badly and add in extra syllables like what they did in Love Acutally with the word Christmas. You can do full songs, or parts of lyrics.

Feb 21st 2008 edited

ok, andy and the tuna, i am not trying to change the direction here but i did want to say that viva viagra is a commercial that causes me to race to the remote. i try to change it before it does any damage. if i dont get there in time i have to force myself to sing viva las vegas for a while just to try to reverse the effects.

oh, and another evil corporation that tried to steal a favorite song is big lots. i dont know if you guys all have those in your areas but its a close-out/overstock retailer. in a recent commercial, they took the mana mana song by the muppets and changed the main phrase to "you never know", as in you never know what you'll find there. evil people. i mean, who would steal from muppets?

Feb 21st 2008

am not trying to change the direction here but i did want to say that viva viagra is a commercial that causes me to race to the remote

Actually, it's cool. I like this direction.

i mean, who would steal from muppets?

That is pretty low.

Feb 21st 2008

Sweet peas are made of cheese
And who am I to break the breeze?
Jump off a cliff in twos and threes

It's dumb. But my brothers and I used to sing those lyrics in the car to annoy my parents. They didn't like the fart reference. There was more -- mostly about farts -- but I don't remember what they are.

Feb 21st 2008 edited

A friend of mine back in high school, in band (shut up) anyway he would sing:

Gay stripper stole my car

She's a lesbian by far

And I think that I love her.

Interesting Beatles "Drive My Car" interpretation.

Feb 21st 2008

I think I mentioned this in the Sports thread, but I took it upon myself to change the words in "Levon" to "LeBron" and sing it (horribly) during the Cavs/Blazers game a few weeks back - but only to Mr. Fishing, not in front of everyone. Now I find myself wondering how many other athlete's names I can sub into classic songs.

Feb 21st 2008

Someone already did the hard work for me on this one.

Feb 24th 2008

Thanks to Miley Cyrus, I won't be able to listen to Sunglasses at Night without thinking 'I've got my sights set.....' If you're not sure what I'm talking about just watch this.


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