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[Closed] Michael Scott: Secret Genius
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Apr 27th 2008 edited

Ever since I saw Branch Wars Stanley's line about this aspect of Michael has kinda stuck. Hopefully I'm not the only person who thinks this could be a possibility, but really, what if Michael Scott really is a Secret Genius?

I figure there is some pretty concrete evidence to back it up - though, plenty to down play it at the same time...

For example lets look at Survivor Man when Michael explains his true intentions to Jim behind TWSS.

A more speculative example could be considered from Night Out with his line, "Ryan, its Michael and Dwight" as a potential response to knowing something is wrong with Ryan. (This was discussed briefly in the Night Out thread)

There are a handful of similar examples throughout the series.

So, do you think Michael really would have the qualifications necessary to be a Secret Genius?

Apr 27th 2008

Hey, awesome, I like your idea -- I think I mentioned something similar in one of my recaps, way back when I used to do those -- but I think the best place for it is probably this thread, not a new one.

Apr 27th 2008

Good call indeed. I did do a search for 'secret genius' before I made up the topic to try and make sure. Of course I omitted 'Michael Scott' from my query. I'll move my thought there.

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