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Jul 21st 2008

This is it, the final week. After this, it's all over but the counting (and the reading, the watching, the judging, the tallying, the awarding of prizes, the bragging, etc.) This week's prompt is brought to us by The Answer Queen, Toosie, whose research skills are unparalleled and whose prompt-making skills are quite ferocious as well.

Prompt: - Our contest is almost over and soon we'll just be waiting for Season 5. In the spirit of new things, the prompt is: Someone has something new. Explain who it is and what he or she has. You could (but do not have to) include, how he or she got this new thing, how other Office members find out about the new thing, and how they react to it.

Format: Do whatever you want. I mean, you still have to post it (or a link to it), but other than that, you're wide open.

Parameters: I'm evening things up. ST and ferd each added 100 words to the word limit. Sorry, folks, but due to that excess, now we have to cut back. So....250 minus 100 minus 100... comes to 50 words. Hey, look at it this way. It'll take less time to read them all and to vote. :-)
50 words is the writing limit. Videos, graphics, audio, etc. have no limit.

Judging criteria:

Responses are to be evaluated on the following:

1) Overall impact

2) True to characters

3) Appropriate to challenge prompt

4) Creativity


  • Deadline for submitting entry #8 is 10 pm EST on Sunday, July 27.

  • Voting for challenge #8 begins Monday, July 28.

  • This thread is for challenge topic and entries only; please go to the general contest thread for questions/discussion.

  • No editing allowed on entries once submitted. Double-check your entry in the general contest thread before posting it in this thread.

  • Please review the contest description for other details.

Jul 21st 2008

Michael: Pam, can you come in here please?

Michael: Check out what I bought from SkyMall! (Pulls out the Pop-Up Hot Dog Cooker from behind his desk.)

Pam: That’s…nice, you actually bought something from SkyMall?

Michael: Do you want a freshly cooked wiener?

Pam gets up and leaves Michael’s office.

Jul 21st 2008

Hospital Waiting Room

Pam: Can you believe this is already happening?
Jim: That's Michael. He doesn't take things slow.

Dwight runs in.

Dwight: Any news?
Jim: Other than Michael fainting?

Michael enters.

Michael: It's a girl! We named her Holly Bette.

Michael TH: I finally have everything I need.

Jul 22nd 2008







Jul 24th 2008

Meredith: Got you a little something for your birthday.

Jim: You really didn’t have to. Nobody in the office brings in gifts for birthdays.

Meredith: (sing-song whisper) But you’re my favorite.

(Jim opens his gift. Cut to break room scene with Jim and Pam )

Michael also gets something new.

Jul 24th 2008

Stanley: Terri thought I should try some new puzzles. I mentioned this to Phyllis during a hypoglycemic moment. Now I'm the proud owner of 20 Soo...Soh...Sowdooko puzzles. Which I know nothing about.

Phyllis TH: Bob Vance and I play Strip Sudoku. (lowers voice and grins) I always let him win.

Jul 25th 2008

Michael bursts out of his office.

Michael: When I say 'Hillshire', you say 'farms'! Hillshire!

Dwight: Farms! rest of the office is silent.

Michael: Go Meat!

Jim (TH): Yeah, Michael was home sick last week and that's his new favorite commercial. I think I'm a vegan now.

Jul 25th 2008

Coming This Fall On The Office

Stanley sings
Pam gets a ring…

The ring is from Roy!
Jim gets coy.

The “twins” get twins,
A girl and a boy!

Dwight’s doing time.
Angela’s EPT – Blue line!

But Andy’s sterile.
“Yellow Peril” threatens Darryl

Kevin’s Udder Butter
-Did I Stutter?

Jul 26th 2008

Jim: Since swindling Andy, Dwight’s on eBay constantly, no doubt selling bushels of beets.

Pam: And buying vintage potato guns.

Jim: He might have gone too far, though.

Dwight That X-Terra was ridiculous. This is twice as fast, and my girlfriend loves it. It’s my greatest eBay purchase ever!.

Jul 27th 2008

dwight has something new.
seems he's bought quite a few.

Jul 27th 2008

Michael: Who wants to try my new polygraph? Besides Dwight.


Michael: I tested it last night. It's fun.


Michael: Pam?

Pam: ... Alright.

A minute later, Dwight is connecting everything.

Michael: Oh, those go on your fingers? Whoops.

Pam: Where did you...

Michael: Kidding!

Michael looks at the camera.

Jul 27th 2008

Pam and Jim, best friends.
The roof, a casino, a
deep kiss and love bloomed.

Pam posed, the cock crowed.
Jim’s proposal to Pam was,
“Marry me. With sex!”

Jim knew now he would
buy a new house and terrace
for three new Halperts.

Jul 27th 2008

Pam unwittingly inspires a different kind of spinoff.

Jul 27th 2008

Baring Responsibility

Michael: As Ryan’s mentor, I feel responsible for his current imprisonment. Therefore, I’m taking extreme measures to correct this injustice.

Jim: Were you watching TV when you reached this epiphany?

Michael: Actually, I was.

Pam: Oh, Michael.

Michael: The deed is done. I leave tomorrow.

(Michael removes his shirt)

Jul 27th 2008

A New High

Kevin: I see Pam is sporting a shiny new...

Jim: Yep.

Kelly: OMG, tell us how it happened!

Jim: It was a tragic see-sawing accident.

Pam [TH]: There's a new park at the elementary school. Apparently one should not see-saw when one weighs more than 80 pounds. (shows cast)

Jul 27th 2008

Pam: Well it’s not really something we planned…
Jim: But we figured now is as good a time as any, and…
Pam: We haven’t really decided on a name yet, but we know it’s a boy.
Jim: I’m so excited! I’ve always wanted to be a…

Jul 27th 2008

Kristen from E! visits the set of The Office
and wants to know “What’s New?”

Jenna: Actually, stalkers have become a new terrible problem for John and I.

John: Terrible? Speak for yourself! I met one of my new stalkers.

Jenna: I don't think you realize how often you look at that photo... Anyway, I had the worst experience.

Kristen: John! What are you doing?!?

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