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I am going to donate to Afghanistanis with AIDS: Charity Drive
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Aug 3rd 2008 edited

Do you ever have spare money lying around that you don't know what to do with? Have you ever wanted to help those who are less fortunate but didn't know how to get involved? Well, today I bring you a message from an old acquaintance with an exciting opportunity to solve both of those problems! Please read on:

(btw, if some or all of this post belongs in another thread, I'm happy to oblige, but I wanted its introduction to get noticed... plus, i wanted an excuse to mention the Afghanistananies.)

Hello Northern Attack members, including some former DMI, Medford members. This is Kermyisgreen, and as some of you may be aware, I am the current RM of Medford and successor of Karen X. I write to you as fellow Office fans as well as the founding members of our small, yet mighty branch in order to ask for your help. It was Happysmileypatrol who told me that several of you founded the DMI, Medford branch. I know that a few of you still log-on from time-to-time, and for those of you who are no longer with us, we miss you and you are welcome back anytime.

From now until Thursday, August 28th at 12:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 p.m. ET, each DMI branch must attempt to raise money for the UnitedWay charity of their choice. Our branch chose Habitat for Humanity

The link above is our branch's personalized fundraising URL, which defaults to our charity. The objective of the task is to see which of the 198 branches at DMI can raise the most money for their charity. While the donation page defaults to our branch's charity, people are not bound to donate to that particular cause. However, any donations made to a charity not selected by our branch will not be included in our branch's fundraising total. Let me give you a history/update on the goings-on of Medford.

While Medford is a small branch in comparison to some, we are very active and have a close knit community in our branch's forum (which as of February is new and more user friendly). Each DMI branch now has their own private forum that only branch members are able to access, and then there are the main DMI forums that anyone can access, including non-DMI members. The camaraderie of DMI, Medford is jovial and fun, yet when a task is at hand we work very hard. We play games, have our own Finer Things Club, have co-hosted a virtual Office Olympics and Talent Contest, and have recently created our own fantasy football team. This Fall DMI 2.0 will launch, and 98 of the 198 branches will be consolidated with the 100 branches that are staying. We do not yet know which branches or RMs will stay. We recently completed an RM survey, and I was very proud and flattered when our branch rallied behind my leadership and even started a "Keep Kermy in the Green, DMI 2.0" campaign! Not only that, our branch was the number 3 US branch with the highest percentage of branch members to complete the RM survey. Out of 40 active branch members, 29 completed the survey. We were very proud to show the branches with several hundred members that we may be small, but we are mighty and mean business! We won't know until sometime at the end of Aug. or in Sept. if I will remain RM or if our branch will be consolidated or not, but for the rest of the the summer we plan to give it our all!

Here is where you come in. I wonder if you would consider helping DMI, Medford to get the word out about our branch's charity campaign drive, and if you would consider donating to our charity by clicking our branch's personalized URL here. If any of you are interested, you can get a message to me through bobuerto. I'd like to give my branch a chance at winning this task, and I would also like to show my branch members how much I appreciate their support of me as their RM by opening up every opportunity I can for us to raise as much money as possible for our branch's charity. Here is a link to our branch so that you can see who it is that now makes up DMI, Medford. Some of the most active members are: SamanthaLaV, Amethyst, bobuerto, travelcup, Chaunceygardner, mumcoyote, gaylesoffice, JoanofArc, intheceiling and npcPronk29.

Thank you for your time.

Kermy, RM Medford

Aug 5th 2008

I know this may not interest everyone here, but I was hoping that at least a few people might get on board the charity train and help our cause (Habitat for Humanity), or at least pass on the link above to others who may be interested.

Any questions, concerns, or misc. charity chatter, feel free to post here. :)

Aug 6th 2008

lem and I were just talking about this. I think it's really awesome that you posted it. I'm really happy for the DM-Medford group for pulling together like that and I think Kermy is awesome for being such a great BM. I know everyone says it's gotten a lot better, but we were crazy excited for DMI around here and were badly badly disappointed. (Check out the thread that was originally created for it.) That said, if I had a bit of cash to donate I definitely would support you guys.

Aug 6th 2008

I know it wasn't the point of the thread, but I was inspired to sign into DMI for the 1st time in a long time after reading Kermyisgreen's message.

Aug 6th 2008

awesome for being such a great BM

That's what I say to my BMs too. Positive reinforcement and all.

Aug 6th 2008

Nice BTF, very nice. Daily Dundie worthy, if I may be so bold.

Aug 6th 2008

Thanks, VG! But mtt gave me one for coining the term "Slutsquatch" yesterday...on credit for today, since yesterday's was already given out by the time I came up with that. But I'll take another one for tomorrow on credit - it's the American Way, after all.


Aug 6th 2008

I hear next year's deficit is going to be half-a-trillion dollars worth of Daily Dundies.

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