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[Closed] New Office Fan Site!!!
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Sep 20th 2008 edited
Hi guys!

We just wanted to let you all know that we've started another Office fan site. The internet doesn't have enough! Please visit, and tell your friends about it. :) We've worked really hard on it, and we're still adding content. Our gallery is composed of high-quality images, our .GIFs page will give you seizures, and our hand-crafted Office drinking game will... well, it will get you drunk.

Mayette & Trina
Sep 20th 2008

Quite a nice looking site you've got there. However, this thread'll be closed by some pesky Mod, because this should be posted in this thread.

Sep 20th 2008

Dang pesky mods.

Please feel free to repost, ladies. The site does look great.

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