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Shots of Dwight and Jim talking on the phone
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Oct 21st 2008

Hey Dunderites!

I am working on a little Office music video for my wife (who is a huge fan, as am I), and I specifically need a bunch of shots from the series of Jim or Dwight talking on the phone (preferably at their desks, but cellphones would be fine -- also, it would be best if the shot was only featuring one or the other).

I don't need locations for video clips or precise timing; just the episode name and a general description of the scene would be fantastic.

Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions!

Jul 6th 2010

Did you know we had a "phone" thread? Well, me neither. But I searched "phone" and this little sucker popped up. Weird, right? It was on page 13.

I got a new phone today. A Samsung Freeform. One of these.

Isn't it cute? But the buttons are freakin' tiny. Good thing I use the contact list so much already. The one I got is the teal color, not that burgundy one. And now I have unlimited text and free calls to 7 numbers and all sorts of great stuff. Yay!

Jul 6th 2010

I hope Finnegan found what he was looking for.

Jul 6th 2010

According to his profile, he started a second discussion. I wonder what that one was.

Jul 6th 2010

Found it! It's closed, (sadly).

Page 12.

His youtube video's still up, though.

Jul 7th 2010


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