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[Closed] Pee-filled Water Balloon - The Office Haiku Thread
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Apr 17th 2009 edited

OK, I just figured that a pee-filled balloon in a thread title would be a decent eye-catcher. Anywho...

I had contemplated starting an Office Metaphors or Office Allusions or Office Analogies-type thread, when I began to realize that there are just too many figure-of-speech genres and too many stand-out Office-isms to enumerate all of the best of them under any given single literary category. And then it came to me...


I mean, who doesn't love a great haiku, right? And, hey, that 5-7-5 rhythm just feels so natural and so... right... to me. Heck, I sometimes catch myself just spouting off haikus spontaneously in general conversation. Sometimes they even come to me in Pig-Latin and I just have to let them free-flow.

So, here's one premised on the Heavy Competition ep to get this thread started:

You can call me Al[space][space] A pee-filled water balloon[space][space] Thirty-two cheese puffs[space][space]

And one more for it-shays and iggle-gays:

Andy, Jim and Pam. Ainbow-Ray Onnection-Cay. Show-stealers, these three!

OK, now your turn. Come up with your best haikus. Place them in this thread.

Oops! See, there I go again!

Apr 17th 2009

Thud, we already have a haiku thread. You should check it out. It has a ton of fantastic ku-s in it.

Apr 17th 2009

Oh my dear Thud. I admire your eagerness, but I condemn your inability to use a search button.

Apr 17th 2009

That's a good one Daoust.
But don't be too hard on Thud.
That's what she said, no?

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