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[Closed] Who Killed Toby: Clue The Office Edition
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May 3rd 2009

Solicitation From Previews Issue # 248 On Page 428

Six Employees, one Team Building Clue Game, nine Office weapons! Michael Scott has called six of his Dunder Mifflin emplyees into work on a Saturday. Upon arrival they discover Toby (Michael's nemesis from HR) "dead" in the lobby. Along with Toby are instructions for a mandatory Team Building Game Of Clue in which the office workersmust compete. The Prize: an additional week of paid vacation for the winner! The employees must determine: WHO "killed" Toby, with WHAT office weapon, and WHERE the crime occurred. (C: 1-1-3) NOTE: Available only within the United States and U.S. Territories.

Okay so there are bunches of versions of the game clue. Kid versions, Master Detective versions, Harry Potter versions, even Simpson versions, (Saved By The Bell even did a version of the movie) but I'd have to say this is the most brilliant and believable.

Of course Michael would do this as a team building exercise. Of course he would pick Toby as the victim.

There is so many possibilities for this game it is staggering. Who are the six employees? My guesses are (Dwight as Colonel Mustard) (Jim as Mr. Green) and either (Andy or Ryan as Professor Plum) (Pam as Ms. Peacock) (Angela as Mrs. White) and any number of the women in the office (as Miss Scarlett.) (My pick would be Meredith as she is one of the most promiscuous members of the office.)

As for who killed Toby there is no garantee that it is someone from the six members that Michale invited to the game. It could have been any of the other members of the office which means the other members could be involved in the game as well.

Also this could mean we would get a mab of the office. They call it the annex and say it is far enough away to consider it being banished from the office but Jim claims he can hear Toby and Kelly playing Dunderball from his desk.

What are the Nine Weapons? It could litterally be anything from the show. One of Dwights Weapons or Bobble Heads. A stapler, A pencil, a vending machine a coffee maker or pot, Michael's World's Best Boss Mug, The Forklift from the warehouse. anything is up for grabs as a weapon.

I really can't wait for this game to become available .

May 3rd 2009

saintsaucey, thanks for posting this info. It could probably go in the Toby thread or in the game thread without having to start it's own thread, though. I recommend all newbies read this: Attention New Members

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