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[Closed] Mindy Kaling Gets Her Own Show
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May 8th 2009

Really sorry if this has already been posted, I did look. Albeit..not very long..

NBC has given Mindy Kaling (aka The Office's Kelly Kapoor) her own show.

Kaling has signed a two-year, seven-figure deal to continue writing, producing and starring in The Office, while she'll also develop a new show for the network, in which she will probably star.

"NBC has always taken a chance on me as an on-screen talent, even though there are not Indian-American actresses and I'm not, like, a size zero, so it's this incredible thing," Kaling tells "There's not a ton of people who look like me or do what I do."

Kaling will continue to play Kelly for at least another season while she works on writing her pilot. While there is no definite idea for her solo effort yet, she has some ideas. "My favorite shows right now are workplace comedies: 30 Rock, The Office and Parks and Recreation," she says. "It's a place where you have to be professional, so if you aren't professional, then it's very funny. The only thing I'm certain about is that it probably won't be a mock documentary."

The season finale of The Office airs Thursday, May 14 (9 pm/ET, NBC).

May 8th 2009

This has been posted in the Kelly thread a couple of days ago. Usually, anything having to do with any of the actors/writers on the show goes in their thread which already exists so no need to start new threads.

May 8th 2009

Good job tvguide..breaking news my ass lol.

Sorry btw, this board is unusually difficult to navigate :\

May 8th 2009

Usually, if a cast member lands a new project, you can just type in their character names, and post it there.

For example, let's say Steve Carell was making an appearance somewhere, just go to the search button, and type in Michael Scott.

But yeah...we try not to start too many threads here.

May 8th 2009

Yeah, I guess unless you've read every thread you might not know this has been posted in the character thread. But, shutting it down so we can keep discussion in one place.

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