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[Closed] The Office New Bobbleheads - The Whole Cast!
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Aug 7th 2009 edited (the underscores in the web address are doing something funky to the URL in this post. you can also go to to find them.)

Check out the videos of Angela opening her new bobblehead, and presenting Oscar with his. (click on their characters to view videos)

Angela, Oscar, Creed are available for purchase, in limited quantities (less than 1000 left!). JAM, Stanley, Kevin, Andy, Kelly and the whole gang coming soon!

Michael and Dwight are of course still the best sellers...

Collect them all!

Aug 7th 2009

Hey MaryBeth, thanks for the info. We do have another thread for this kind of stuff where we've already talked about these. Please feel free to post it over there, though. And welcome!

(And please ignore the post from ss. He hasn't quite figured out the best time to joke.)

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