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Know any rockstar web designers?
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Sep 28th 2009 edited

Yep, you guessed it: this is way off-topic. I promise to unsticky this discussion in a couple weeks.

I recently joined a startup in the Bay Area, and we're looking for a supremely talented designer. Here's what I can tell you about the position:

  1. The product blends the social networking and recruiting spaces.
  2. You must have experience designing the UI for a sophisticated web application that's in active use. This includes planning, wireframing, the whole kebob from start to finish.
  3. You are either (a) an awesome graphic designer (logos, icons, etc.), (b) an HTML/CSS/JavaScript ninja, or (c) both (sweet!).
  4. As a bonus, you have real-world experience conducting user research: focus groups, usability tests, etc.
  5. You'll be working with me, which I'm sure all of you will agree is pretty damn irresistible.
  6. And the final kicker: you live in the Bay Area, or are willing to relocate. Depending on your degree of awesomeness, there may be some flexibility here.

I understand this is quite selective, but if you or anyone you know fits the bill, please drop me a line at Also, don't fret if I don't get back to you personally. It's because I'm working 80-hour weeks, not because I don't care. Honest.

Sep 28th 2009

First! (I always wanted to do that)

And to complete this completely useless post: I have absolutely no one to recommend, and am completely useless in this regard.

Sep 28th 2009

I may have someone in mind, actually. I just forwarded the info and your address.

Sep 29th 2009 edited

Howdy, James. You work too hard. Didn't know one could burn the candle from the middle as well as the ends. Even with that daunting prospect (I doubt that you are alone in your work habits there) if not happily situated where I am I'd be tempted to throw my hat into your ring of fire. It would be fun to wrap your desk and jello your stapler.

I'll think about any referrals and send them your way. And who doesn't love the Bay area?

Sep 29th 2009

First! (I always wanted to do that)

(punched before firsting)

Also, this is funny.

And who doesn't love the Bay area?

Mr. A just got a degree doing that kind of thing, but he's no ace by any means. He dabbles in data mining and management too, and we'd love to live in the Bay Area, but I'm quite sure he doesn't have the chops you need yet.

Sep 29th 2009

Thanks, e-star, Anque, and even you, Asdfaeou (barely).

I appreciate the sentiment, garbagethrower. One of these days, I'll wise up and pick less demanding occupations.

Sep 30th 2009

Yes!!! I got a barely!

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