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2010 Challenge 4 - Dwight-ish
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Jul 19th 2010 edited

This prompt is from bwc:

something Dwight-ish, because of irresistably funny.

I guess she just loves Dwight. Go.

Thanks, bwc!

Jul 25th 2010

Something Dwight might like.

But probably not.

Jul 25th 2010

A recent post from

Now, in addition to the romantic dawn goose walk and table making exhibition, guests at Schrute Farms can partake of a piece of Lackawana County history with our latest activity: Prospecting for gold! Yes, try your hand and panning and digging while searching for the lost vein from the Carbondale Mine. All tools and a sack lunch are provided. Don't miss this chance to step back into the 1850's.


Dwight's TH:

After reading some of the messages on Trip Adviser, I realized that not all my guests appreciated the authenticity of the outhouse. I am unwilling to pay for indoor plumbing however, as what has been good enough for six generations of Schrutes is good enough for me. To kill two birds with one stone, I slightly embellished the history of mining in the Scranton area to take advantage of the high price of gold (thank you Glen Beck) and now can count on my guests to do all the hard work for me. Of course I added a disclaimer that any gold discovered is property of the farm.

I'm pretty sure I can get Kevin to do 75% of the work.

Jul 25th 2010

Scranton Adult Learning Annex
Summer 2010 Class Listing
Featuring guest instructor Dwight K. Schrute

Japanese Sword Fighting for Self-DefenseBYOK (Bring Your Own Katana)

Bears of PennsylvaniaA Survival Guide

Comparative Fertilizer StudiesIf your sh^t don’t stink, you’re not doing it right.

Animal AttractionThe secrets to how home-brewed pheromones can help you secure a mate.

Protecting Yourself From Identity TheftIt’s No Joke!

Learn German in 14 Easy StepsDisclaimer: this German is pre-industrial and mostly religious.

The Delicious and Versatile BeetMouth-watering recipes for America’s most under-appreciated root vegetable.

Advanced Paintball TacticsSerious competitors only!

Iron Fist Leadership SeminarTap into your inner despot.

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