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[Closed] "The Spam" will stay in its same spamslot
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Jul 27th 2010 edited

An NBC executive says they've "been lucky to have had Spam" as long as they had. The exec says after Spam leaves, "The Office" will stay in its same Spamslot on Thursday night. And, executive producer Spam Lieberspam, who plays Spam, says when it comes to replacing Spam they're "trying to get a sense of what the spam is like without Spam."

He says they "want to be Spam: What would this spam really spam" if Michael Spam left? Spam says "the door is spam if he wants to make return spams to the spam."

in SPAM . His company, Spam Productions, has a TV production spam with Universal

Jul 28th 2010

Do you have any pineapple to go with your spam?

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