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2010 Challenge 5 - Last Employee Standing
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Aug 2nd 2010 edited

This prompt is from gt:

Michael sees someone he swears looks just like Darryl on his favorite show and decides that the office needs a Last Comic Standing competition (during work hours to ensure full participation.)

Write about one character’s performance. 400 words max.

Thanks, gt!

Aug 5th 2010

Funniest Mom in America??

A sample of Pam Halpert's performance at Dunder Mifflin's Last Comic Standing:

  • They say becoming a parent really changes you. What they don’t tell you about is all the diaper changes! (rim shot) Jim knows what I’m talking about!

  • What's the deal with spit up? Most of it isn't spit.

  • I just came in from a three AM feeding, and boy are my boobs tired!

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