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2010 Challenge 7 - Clean Drawers?
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Aug 2nd 2010

This prompt is from gt:

The first Summer Contest sponsored by James and Tanster featured a prompt asking about the contents of Creed’s desk drawers. Choose another Office member and write a character-appropriate list of what’s in their desk. 300 words max.

Thanks, gt!

Aug 5th 2010

In Kelly's Top Drawer

  • a Post-it note from Ryan that says, "Call me."
  • a bottle of Revlon nail polish in "Posh Pink"
  • Lipluscious lip gloss in "Forever Sunshine"
  • Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Fragrance Mist in "Butterfly Flower"
Aug 5th 2010 edited

In Toby's top drawer:

Five ball point pens without caps.
Two pencils, one with a broken lead.
A memory card.
A screw from his head brace in Costa Rica.
Six Pepto Bismol tablets in little plastic wrappers.
A Father's Day card from his daughter.
A button off of his brown pants.
A form to order radon detectors.
Five "Hello My Name Is" labels.
A small hairbrush (it must have been Holly's)
Three packets of soy sauce.

Aug 5th 2010

For Angela: pictures of cats.

For Dwight: skinned dead cats for meat.

For Kevin: Kit Kats.

Aug 5th 2010

For Gabe: A Copy of "The Naming of Cats" by TS Elliot.

Aug 8th 2010

Stanley's desk drawer

  • 2 tattered crossword puzzle books
  • 1 book of sudoku puzzles, unopened
  • 2 half-eaten diet breakfast bars
  • 3 well-gnawed pencils
  • 1 Blackberry, barely used
  • 1 photo of himself from 20 years ago
  • 1 blood sugar meter
  • 3 sales receipts for FTD flower deliveries
  • 1 pair of reading glasses
  • 4 packets of Sweet'N Low
  • 1 pocket calendar marking off the days until the next Pretzel Day
Aug 8th 2010

Ryan’s desk contents 2006:

• None

Ryan’s desk contents 2010:

• 4 pair knockoff designer sunglasses

• Condoms

• Hand mirror

• Business cards from several attorneys

• NSFW photo of female coworker with an inscription on the back in pink glitter gel

• A paperback novel given to him anonymously titled “Howard’s End”

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