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2010 Challenge 8 - This would take a little too long to explain.
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Aug 2nd 2010

This prompt is from Nerfy:

Jim puts a miniature pencil in the teapot he gives to Pam, but doesn’t explain the meaning behind it. So, in 300 words or less, explain the significance of the pencil.

Thanks, Nerfy!

Aug 6th 2010

It had been a rough week for Pam. Roy had been moody at home and at work Dwight was being even more annoying than usual. Schrute steered every conversation towards a new interest of his (which interested no one) and bragged of besting his cousin at every outing of…

“…Miniature Golf. It is a surprisingly complex and exacting sport. It takes a firm hand yet sensitive touch. One must let the ball know you’re its master, yet lovingly caress it into the hole. Definitely not a game for kids…”

Pam looks squeamish and reluctantly lifts her eyes to the speaker.

Dwight: “Try it sometime, Pam.” Eyeing her critically and cocking his head, he adds: “You could really use the fresh air and exercise.”

Slowly Pam’s eyes turn to Jim, who returns her look of annoyance.

A couple of weeks later in the breakroom, Phyllis notices Dwight’s glum demeanor and engages him in conversation.

“Dwight, how goes the Mini Golf?”

Dwight’s face tenses as he recalls his recent losing match with Mose, when Dwight’s ball never ended up where intended. “Defective ball!” he insisted to the kid at the window with each of several equipment swaps.

After a moment Dwight replies to Phyllis: “It’s a stupid game.”

Overhearing the brief conversation, Pam glances at Jim whose smile hides several truths: golf balls are fairly easily weighted, high school kids with part time jobs are underpaid, mini pencils make good souvenirs of a day well spent and Pam, well she looks just fine.

Aug 6th 2010

This would take a little too long to explain.

So, in 300 words or less, explain the significance of the pencil.

It's, like, Jim's dong.

Aug 7th 2010

It's, like, Jim's dong

So that's why they call them "No. 2 pencils"!

Aug 8th 2010

July 2005

After a long, hot and unexpectedly entertaining day of mini-golf, the Scranton employees are gathered in the clubhouse of the Family Fun Center. Michael is completing his obligatory “awards ceremony” by presenting certificates for “Cleanest Balls” and “Highest Stroke Total.” After the final award is given, Meredith shouts out, “Angela didn’t get one!” Michael looks around the room and, ignoring Angela’s protests, calls her to the front.

Michael: Our FINAL award goes to Angela Martin… (hands her a little golf pencil)… for being “Scranton’s Tiniest Scorekeeper”!

Angela scowls, throws the pencil on the floor, and walks briskly out the front doors.

Monday morning when Angela arrives at work, she is angered to find a golf pencil on her desk. She looks around, sees no one acting suspicious, and throws it in the trash. Tuesday morning there are two pencils, and Wednesday three more. Angela questions Michael, but he denies any knowledge of the mysterious gifts. Finally, she decides to confront the entire office.

Angela: Whoever is leaving me these pencils needs to give it a rest! No one finds this funny!

Kevin tries very hard to stifle a laugh. Jim and Pam exchange looks, and Pam lets out a brief chuckle. Angela gives her an icy stare and goes back to work.

The next day, Pam arrives at the office to find her desk drawers completely empty except for a single golf pencil and a note stating: “Write this down-- If you don’t knock off the shenanigans, you’ll be sorry! You don’t want me as your enemy!” Pam shows Jim and they share a hearty laugh.

Jim: Don’t worry, I’ll be your loyal protector.

Pam (chuckling): My knight in shining armor… (gives him the pencil)… I hope you’ll accept this token of my gratitude.

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