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2010 Challenge 9 - All Good Things...
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Aug 16th 2010

Challenge 9 is from bobuerto:

The word is that Steve Carell is leaving "The Office" at the end of Season 7. While it's tough to imagine a Dunder Mifflin without Michael Scott, we can all hope that his departure is a memorable one. Your task for this challenge is to write Michael's final scene. Does he choose to leave to pursue greener pastures, or does he crash and burn in some spectacular way? It's all up to you. Additional scenes and/or descriptions are fine as well, but your submission must include the final on-screen moments for Scranton's beloved RM. Word limit is 400 words, so go crazy and make it an exit to remember!

Thanks, bobuerto!

Aug 22nd 2010

Michael is standing by reception holding a box of his possessions, addressing the office.

Michael: Well everyone, I guess this is it. The end of an era. My “fiesta resistance.”

Oscar looks unamused. Kelly lets out a sob and is consoled by Erin, tears welling up in her own eyes.

Michael: It’s been a pleasure working over you all these years, but now it’s time for me to find my own happiness.

Pam: Are you sure about this, Michael? You don’t have a place to live in New Hampshire, and you still don’t know for sure if Holly’s interested in dating you again.

Jim: It’s only been two weeks since she broke off her engagement to A.J.

Phyllis: You don’t want to end up as just a rebound, do you?

Creed: Strike while the iron is hot, my brother.

Michael: I care about Holly and I want to be there for her. She can cry on my shoulder for a while, and if she happens to fall in love with me again, so be it.

Kelly: I think it’s so romantic!

Michael: My heart is telling me I have to do this. Don’t worry—you guys will be fine without me.

Stanley: Yes we will. Off you go, now.

Erin: Wait, Michael—you have one more going away present that came in the mail today.

She hands him a small parcel that he opens with an expectant look. He pulls out several sheets of paper with “Suck It!” printed prominently across the top.

Michael: Real classy, Toby! (He rips up the papers.) Is this payback for the stupid rock I gave you when you left?

Toby: That’s not from me, Michael.

Oscar (taking a closer look at the ripped papers): These were stock shares for David Wallace’s new company!

Michael: Who cares. I can live off of my sock money for now. I’d better get going.

Michael leaves the room blowing kisses, and most of the office waves half-heartedly. He walks silently to the parking lot and puts his box in the backseat of his car. Suddenly another car pulls up blocking him in. He turns and sees Holly behind the wheel!

Holly: Hey Mister, can I give you a ride?

Michael (smiling broadly): That’s what she said!

Holly (smiling back): Yes I did. Hop in!

Michael gets in her car and they drive off into the Scranton sunset.

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