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2010 Challenge 11 - Memento
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Aug 16th 2010

Challenge 11 is from gt:

Ryan, ever the trendsetter and man about town, has come back from a trip this summer sporting a memento from his travels. Write about it. 300 words max.

Thanks, gt!

Aug 19th 2010

Y? Because we like you?

Ryan walks into the office.

Erin: Welcome back from Orlando, Ryan. Wow, are those Mickey Mouse ears?

Ryan: Why, yes, thank you for noticing, Erin.

Kelly: OMG Ryan! You’re back! Why on earth are you wearing Mickey Mouse ears?!

Ryan: Everyone at Disney World wears mouse ears, Kelly.

Jim: Yeah, but now you’re in Scranton, where nobody wears mouse ears.

Ryan: I’m a trendsetter, Jim. You wouldn’t understand.

Kelly: Ryan, you look like a dork.

Dwight: Fact: A dork is a whale penis. Ryan does not look like a dork. He looks like a juvenile.

Ryan: Look everyone, if you could just stop the commentary on what I wear, that would be great.

Andy walks in.

Andy (singing): Who’s the leader of the band who’s made for you and me? R-Y-A…N-H-O…W-A-R-D!

Ryan: Andy gets me.

Aug 22nd 2010

Kevin: Welcome back, Fire Guy. Cool new shades!

Ryan: Thanks, I got them in this totally trendy shop in Palm Beach.

Meredith: They make you look like a stud. (growl)

Ryan: Uhh, yeah. Thanks.

Ryan (talking head without the sunglasses on): Unfortunately this black eye was the only thing I brought home from my vacation. Some girl didn't get my sense of humor.

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