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2010 Challenge 12 - Do you think you could send me a copy of that?
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Aug 16th 2010

Challenge 12 is from Nerfy Life:

Remember when Jan made Pam keep a log of everything Michael did in a day? Choose an Office employee, and show us a daily log of a typical work day. For example, if I were keeping a log of what I'm doing at work right now, it would say, "1-2pm: Coming up with writing prompts for an online forum." 400 words maximum.

Thanks, Nerf!

Aug 19th 2010

Name: Creed Bratton, Date: today

8-9am: tried to remember my computer password. It’s “Creed.”

9am-11am: trolled around on various computer internet sites. This thing is amazing.

11am-noon: my job, which is to assure quality

Noon-1pm: scrounged for leftover lunches. Nothing to speak of.

1-2pm: listened to the redhead relate to suppliers. She's very good.

2-4pm: tried to remember the name of that guy who wants to be a drummer in my new band. I think he works here. Then I tried to remember what I called my band. The Grass Roots would be good, but I think I tried that once, and it didn’t work.

4-5pm: counted my blessings, which include this job

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