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2010 Challenge 13 - Mine was green
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Aug 30th 2010

This prompt comes from moi:

Enlighten us, using whatever means you like, as to the story of Dwight's green urine. No limit on words but let's be reasonable about this.

Sep 2nd 2010

The Age of Asparagus

Dwight: Well, Mose, we have a bumper crop of asparagus this year.

Mose: We should have an asparagus eating contest.

Dwight: You’re on.

After the contest, which Dwight has obviously won

Dwight: Well, Mose. That’ll show you to challenge me to an asparagus eating contest.

Mose: Your pee is going to smell funny.

Dwight: Screw gun! We have drug testing at the sheriff’s office tomorrow!

Mose: You took drugs?

Dwight: No, you idiot. The asparagus!

Mose: Asparagus is a drug?

Sep 5th 2010

When Nature Calls

Dwight is seated in a small room at the Lackawanna County Sheriff's Department. In walks a serious looking woman wearing a white lab coat.

Linda: Mr. Schrute? I regret to say that there is a problem with your urine sample.

Dwight: That's impossible! I am in the best physical shape of my life. I never get sick, I don't use any illegal narcotics, and I maintain a strictly controlled regimen of diet and exercise.

Linda: About that-- what does your diet consist of?

Dwight: Well, I have made some recent changes to my eating habits, but it's only for one week to comply with a request by my boss Michael Scott.

Linda: What have you been eating, Mr. Schrute?

Dwight: For the past four days, I have only consumed the following: brocolli, spinach, pea soup, green tea, noodles with pesto sauce, and guacamole. Oh, and some green M&M's.

Linda: That certainly helps to explain this... (She holds up a vial filled with bright green urine.)... Whatever possessed you to make such a drastic change to your diet?

Dwight: I am very dedicated to my job, madam. Next week we are celebrating Earth Day at Dunder Mifflin, and my boss has promised a big reward for the employee who best represents the phrase "Go Green". I intend to win this reward hands down.

Linda can only stare at him with a look of utter disbelief. Dwight smirks at the camera.

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