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2010 Challenge 15 - But parody is always derivative
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Aug 30th 2010

This prompt is from Nerfy Life:

In keeping with tradition, it's time for another song parody prompt. Jim and Pam love singing to Cecelia. Take a song and make it into something baby appropriate. It could be a lullaby or just a song to make young CeCe laugh. You may post a link to the original song lyrics and/or video of said song, if you wish. No word limit, but keep it reasonable.

Thanks, Nerfy!

Sep 2nd 2010

Take on Peas A video of the original

Jim is attempting to feed Gerber peas to Cecelia for the first time in the Halperts' kitchen. Pam is nearby.

Cece’s talking away
I don’t know what
She says, but I’ll listen anyway
Da-da-da (sorry, sweetie, not sure what they say here)
It’s time to try some peas, OK?

Take on peas
(Pam: Take on peas)
Take peas on
(Pam: Take on peas)
They'll be poop
In a day or two

(Pam: Jim, that's gross)
(Jim: What? She laughed.)

So stay away from beets
They'll make you no friends
But that's just me and Mom telling
You to stay away from Schrute farms, OK?
Say after me
It's no better to have beets than have none

Take on peas
(Pam: Take on peas)
Take peas on
(Pam: Take on peas)
They'll be gone
When you eat them up

(Pam: That's much better.)
(Jim: Glad you approve.)

Oh the games CeCe plays
Do you like peas or carrots today?
You're all the things I've got to remember
You turn up your face, I'll be feeding them to you anyway

Take on peas...

Sep 5th 2010

Say Bah
Based on "Hey Ya" by OutKast - video

One, two, three, uh!

Our baby knows how to talk
Because she is so smart
And she said her first word...
Uh! We are the proudest parents
It's the most delightful thing
We've ever heard...

It won't be long before
Our little Cece asks us for
Her own cell phone...
Uh! Three cheers for mom and dad
And for the cutest baby
That we've ever known...

Saaayyy... Baaahh...
Saayy Baahhh.....
Saaayyy... Baaahh...
Saayy Baahhh....
Saaayyy... Baaahh...
Saayy Baahhh....
Saaayyy... Baaahh...
Saayy Baahhh....

She wants that bottle
Ohh, she wants that bottle
And nothing's gonna stop her
'Til that nipple's in her
She points her finger
Ohh, that tiny finger
And out just pops a sound that means
She wants it right

We try to tell her "Cece, use your words"
That cute face, that cute face, that cute face,
That cute face, that cute face (Gets us every time)
She finally said it. Yes, she finally said it.
We always knew she'd get it
'Cause we got a young Beesly heeerree...

Saaayyy... Baaahh...
Saayy Baahhh.....
Saaayyy... Baaahh...
Saayy Baahhh....

Sep 7th 2010 edited

This isn't really what you're asking for (how's that for derivative?) but I'm putting it down anyway:

To the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel. Surely you don't need youtube for this one.

Round and round the living room couch
The Halpert chased the Beesly.
Then Halpert he had so much fun
Popping the Beesly.

A penny for the pill she forgot
A penny for the EPT
That's the way the family grows
Pop! Out comes CeCe.

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