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2010 Challenge 16 - The umpteenth annual ____
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Aug 30th 2010

This prompt is from Nerfy Life:

We've seen some fun office events, which supposedly happened (or still happen) every year, such as the Dundies, casino night, or the company picnic. Choose one of these so-called annual events, and give us a modern day version of it.

Thanks, Nerfy!

Sep 3rd 2010

Prior to the Start 13th Annual Dundies:

Pam: Can you believe we had to get a sitter to go to this thing?

Jim: Can you believe you’re still not welcome at Chili’s and we have to settle for Applebee’s?

Pam: Cute, Jim.

Jim: So, we just stay for dinner. We call it “date night.” We’ll be home before Cece goes to bed, I promise.

Pam: Ugh, the Dundies as “date night.” What if Michael doesn’t present our awards until the very end?

Jim: What makes you think you’ll be winning an award?

Pam: I hope I don’t, actually. Knowing Michael, it’ll probably be something really gross, like “Best Non-surgical Boob Enhancement.”

Jim: Hey, I’d give you that award myself.

Pam: Then, why are we here?

Jim: For the sizzling entrees. Come on, Pam, I thought you knew this.

Pam: I think we should get a hotel and have our own award ceremony. I’d award you the…

She whispers something dirty in Jim’s ear. Jim blushes. They get up to leave, but they meet Michael at the door.

Michael: Hey, you two! Where are you off to in such a hurry?

Pam: Sorry, Michael. I’ve got something bigger to attend to.

Michael: That’s what she said!

Jim: Yep, that's what she said. See ya.

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