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[Closed] Your periodic Charlie Sheen update...
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Feb 2nd 2011 edited


Charlie madam in drug stash c By ANITA BENNETT in LA and DAVID K. L I in NY
Last Updated: 6:41 AM, February 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen's high-priced angels hid his cocaine before paramedics rescued the self-destructive party hound from an epic bender, a Hollywood madam claimed yesterday as 911 tapes from the meltdown emerged.

The flesh merchant, who identified herself only as "Felony," told RadarOnline that hookers dispatched to Sheen's 36-hour bash last week called her in a panic when the star collapsed in pain.

"The girls were, 'Oh, my gosh, they're calling 911 . . . The drugs. What are we going to do?' " Felony said, according to the site.

Once it was clear Sheen needed help and paramedics were on their way, the madam said she launched into cover-up mode.

"If you could do Charlie a favor because if anyone does have to go into the house, I don't want that sense of him being a drug addict," she recalled saying.

"I was just, like, put it in a drawer and put it away so when the police or the paramedics, or whoever is coming, you know, doesn't see that," she recalled saying.

Feb 2nd 2011

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Feb 2nd 2011

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Feb 3rd 2011

News you can use!

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