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I love poop.
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Jul 29th 2011 edited

Yep, poop.

Jul 29th 2011

Excellent point, chelzia, but maybe you could take the discussion over to the poop thread, eh?

Nov 13th 2013 edited

It hasn't been the same around here without chelzia.

Nov 13th 2013

Are you bored, guy?

Nov 13th 2013

Which one is chelzia?

Nov 13th 2013

I'm bored without chelzia, but it seems MISS has already moved on.

Nov 13th 2013

I've always secretly wondered what it was exactly that she loved about poop. There are some disturbing possibilities.

Nov 14th 2013

Who doesn't love poop?

Mar 17th 2017

Hey, Toosie. Here's a thread to post in.

Mar 17th 2017

This thread is all dirty. And stinky.

Jun 16th 2017

I forgot that you used to do this.

Jun 19th 2017

I'm glad that you guys posted here. All your other recent posts seemed so...grown up.

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