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[Closed] Northern Attack's 52 Week Photography Challenge
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Feb 13th 2012 edited

I got tired of searching through the comments on the Photography thread to find the link and the order, so I took it upon myself to make a new thread and sticky it. I'll unsticky this in 52 weeks.

To see the photographs, go here

The participants, in order, are:

  1. Toosie - July 15 - 21
  2. TakeTheParrot - July 22 - 28
  3. Bri - July 29 - August 4
  4. LookAtThesePurses! August 5 - August 11
  5. CZJ - August 12 - August 18
  6. Daoust - August 19 - August 25
  7. MISSTerious - August 26 - September 1
  8. garbagethrower September 2 - September 8

And we'll cycle through again once garbagethrower's week is over.

Anyone else who wants to participate, you are very welcome to do so.

Feb 13th 2012

Thanks for this, D. I hope more people will get involved, too.

Feb 13th 2012

Yikes, I'm on the clock, huh? Giddyup!

Feb 13th 2012

Yes, you are. I'm going to close this to comments now. I want the Photography thread for that, if that's cool.

May 25th 2012 edited


When you're editing the post, click on the upload/insert photos button. Make sure you are on the gallery tab. Next to each thumbnail on the far right should be a link that says "show." When you click on that link, you'll see a bunch of options. Towards the bottom there will be sizes. Large should be selected. Then click on "Insert Into Post". Repeat for each photo. If you don't do that, what you're doing is inserting the gallery of images, instead of each photo individually, and they will appear smaller on the blog page.

Subject Form Content wordpress dashboard

Jul 23rd 2012

Dates updated.

Guys and gals, looks like we fell off the wagon here. Is there interest in keeping this going or not?

Technically it's TTP's week right now. We can just start from there. If garbagethrower and Toosie want to submit their weeks, they can do so as well.

Jul 23rd 2012 edited

I've been away, but I'm definitely interested in keeping things going. We've put an impressive dent in the 52 weeks. I'd love to see it to fruition.

May 9th 2013

I'll unsticky this in 52 weeks.


Jun 28th 2013

This was a great contest. I really enjoyed being a part of this. I look forward to finding this one on page 24 some time down the line, going through it and reminiscing.

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