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But then, who would watch my TV? : Other shows Office fans watch
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Apr 1st 2006

I just finished catching up with Prison Break...y'know, it's not half bad.

Apr 2nd 2006 edited

Not so much TV now that I'm facing exams, but my favourites (both current and defunct) are:

The Office (naturally), and I LOVED the British office; Scrubs; Family Guy; Grey's Anatomy; Curb Your Enthusiasm; Arrested Development; Freaks & Geeks; My So-Called Life (I knew it's super-old, but I've got the's truly sacriligious that MSCL got kicked off the air after like 16 episodes but the Bachelor's practically in its forty-second season); Project Runway (crazy addictive); Iron Chef.

Apr 3rd 2006

For those who watch 24, what do you make of tonite's episode -- obviously the ending?

Apr 3rd 2006 edited

OOOHHH that was crazy with 24. I was all proud of myself that I had figured out how they will make VP the bad guy because he ordered martial law for everyone to stay inside, and the nerve gas was gonna be delivered to their houses. Silly me, thinking I can figure out 24 plots. We'll see how they explain all this, when President Logan suddenly grew a spine and devil horns... (Martha's gonna flip when she finds out)

Aaron Pierce for President!

Apr 3rd 2006 edited

Jack said 2 words that me quiver.

I'm scared.

It's kinda good that the writers gave Jack a nemesis that can match his wits and even surpass them. Using Audrey and torture to make him lose focus, letting Jack shoot his wife, killing Tony, and attempting to kill him with a bomb.

As for the ending, it's one of those, I'll have to wait and see how they're gonna explain this one too. Then I can go Ohhhhh...

Apr 3rd 2006

I agree B.A. I mean if Jack is scared, then everyone else can just run for their lives. Didn't Jack say he was scared in season 1? When he took hostage of that waitress and he told her he had never been so scared. That was on a personal level though. Now he's scared cuz well, frankly, he's going against the President, the commander of the military.

Jack vs. Military... that's a good match. He's gonna have to take them out one tank at a time.

Wayne Palmer for VP!

Apr 10th 2006

Agreed. 24 was excellent.

If you happen to be a fan of Battlestar Galactica, you will REALLY enjoy this.

"Battlestar Office-ica"

Apr 23rd 2006

Ahem, the list:

*The Office *Battlestar Galactica *MythBusters *The Daily Show *Rescue Me/The Shield *MONK (it's kinda cheesy now - liked Season 1) *24 (didn't like it at first..but it's sucking me in!) *Third Watch (cancelled - Kim Raver from 24 (Audrey) was in that) *Deadliest Catch (I just watched a night's worth of reruns. Now I feel dizzy and seasick) *Invader Zim (no more Gir...)

834th - BSG is an awesome, dark show. Good to know of another fan here.

dresa - Battlestar Office-ica is awesome blossum . I loved it. Thanks for that link!

Apr 24th 2006

Hey everyone,

Since we're all fans of petitions, I thought I'd put in a word for a petition I found today to save Sons & Daughters on ABC. If you didn't see it on its five-week run, you missed out.

Anyway, here's the petition... it's up to 3600 signatures, so I'm hopeful that ABC will give it a second chance.

Apr 25th 2006 edited

TV I love/have loved (NB. bit of a British bias as I'm a Brit):
*Green Wing
*The Mighty Boosh
*The Day Today/Brass Eye (wicked Chris Morris satire)
*Alan Partridge
*This Life
*West Wing (for a few seasons)
*and My So Called Life (thanks to someone upthread for reminding me of this!)

I really want to try some Scrubs, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development - based on the number of Office fans who like them I should give 'em a go!

May 4th 2006 edited

Well, let's see...

Law and Order, Law and Order: SVU, Law and Order: CI, Scrubs, My Name is Earl, Stella (If it's not cancelled), The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report

PS. This is my first post.

May 7th 2006

I totally missed this the first time it was aired, but on the 8:30/7:30 rerun of Family Guy tonight, Edison was arguing with his neighbors (who didn't have electricity) and popped this gem:

Hey, you guys seen The Office? Oh no, I guess you haven't because you don't have a TV!

Yay promotion of shows on other networks!

May 7th 2006 edited

I watch:

  • 24
  • Scrubs
  • Simpsons
  • Family Guy
  • American Dad
May 8th 2006 edited

The Office (duh), Teachers (huge Phil Hendrie fan!), South Park, Simpsons, Daily Show, Showbiz Show with David Spade, The Soup, Best Week Ever, The Adam Corolla Project, The Commedians of Comedy (Zach Galafanakus rocks!), Arrested Development, NFL Football, MLB Baseball, and oh yeah how can I forget...The Young and the Restless...I know I may catch some grief here, yes I am a guy, but the chicks are hot, and my wife watches it, which means I watch it, and it isn't that bad!

May 8th 2006

I love: THE OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will and Grace My Name is Earl (oh snap!) ER Grey's Anatomy The Sopranos What About Brian Scrubs (who doesn't love jigglyball and Turk's poison dance) Lost

May 8th 2006

Believe it or not, I actually don't watch TV... I literally NEVER put the TV on. I only watch TV shows on my PC.

But... I only really watch 3 shows on a regular basis: The Office, Lost and Alias. Although Alias is so silly now, I'm actually looking forward to it finishing up, before it gets too silly. So that only leaves Lost and The Office that I watch.

I think it's testament to the brilliance of this show that it's one of only 3 shows I take the time to watch. I really love the show beyond anything I've ever seen on TV.

It's going to be a long Winter (I'm in the southern hemisphere) for me, waiting for season 3, but at least I'll have the "webisodes" to hold me over.

May 8th 2006 edited

I love Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, Desperate Housewives, Will and Grace, Lost and I'm completely obssesed with CSI! I own all five seasons, and I watch the reruns on spike tv everyday(that's about 3 hours in a row!)just to tide me over till thursdays at 9! its sad, but true!

The Office and CSI are what make thursdays awesome! I have to tape The Office and watch it after CSI is over though, because they are on at the same time, but then I get to fast forward thru the commercials and watch it as many times as i want!

CSI+The Office=Thrusday night LOVE:)

May 8th 2006 edited
*Deep breath*

My Name is Earl
The Simpsons
The OC
Veronica Mars
TNA Impact
WWE Friday Night Smackdown
May 10th 2006

All right guys, I need to vent to my fellow Office-fans. For some reason my tape didn't record this past Monday's Prison Break and 24!!!! NOOOOO!!!!! (now it's really double offensive) I had my finals and couldn't watch them. Man I was sooo looking forward to watching my tape after my exam today! And my Limewire hasn't been working... These shows aren't on ITunes... what am I gonna do??!! I don't really know how to use bit torrent...

Sorry this doesn't really pertain to anything besides the fact that the only thing that can console me is some Office episodes and the finale tomorrow... I'm about to go Office Space on my tape and VCR...

May 10th 2006 edited

DFP, I don't really follow either one of those shows, but in the last week or so, I-Tunes has added Fox programing...maybe they are on there?

May 10th 2006

Does anyone watch What About Brian (abc, Mon nights). I thought the pilot was really good (for some reason I'm drawn to women who are with douchebags but should be with the cute, nice guy friend). A few of the eppies afterwards were mediocre, I thought, but this past Monday's show was great! I loved how they tied everything together at the end...when they showed Brain and Marjorie arguing in the kitchen, while Brain's BFF (Marjorie's fiance) was watching from out on the terrace...good stuff. It's no Office, but it'll do.

May 10th 2006

Does anyone watch What About Brian (abc, Mon nights).

I do! I like it a lot, too. I thought I would have a hard time seeing the lead character (Barry Watson) in that role after I know he was on "Seventh Heaven" for many years, but it's good. Ironically, I think Marjorie is just...mediocre? She's nothing special, I don't think (pretty, but seemingly unconcerned by the fact that her fiance was about to dump her before he decided to propose instead, etc.), but I want him to be with her just because I know he wants so badly to be with her. I am also dumbfounded (confused? angry? I'm not sure what word to use) by the "open marriage" plotline, and I'm glad they seem to be exposing how awkward and horrifically painful it must be. I hope ABC picks this up for next season. Is there any word on that yet?

May 10th 2006

I've been watching What About Brian. Cute show, has potential. I wonder how they are going to fix the Adam, Marjorie, Brian situation. Don't know if it's coming back next sesaon though. We'll see.

May 10th 2006

OMG OMG 24 IS ON ITUNES! thank you thank you ilovebeets! you made my DAY!

May 10th 2006

Glad to see some others watch WAB too. I have to agree with you, Loaded Teapot. I'm not really crazy about the Marjorie character, but by virtue of Brian wanting her, then by God, I want him to have her!

The open marriage thing is kind of different, but I like how it's going. I think everyone's actions and reactions are pretty realistic so far.

PurseGirl- I have not heard if the show will be renewed or not, then again, I don't actively seek out this information, mainly because I don't know where to look. I hope it gets renewed-so many of the shows I've been fond of recently, have gotten the axe. Kitchen Confidential on FOX was great, and of course the rumored end of Arrested Development cheesed me off something fierce.

May 12th 2006 edited
  • The Office
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm (especially this last season--awesome!!)
  • Extras
  • How I met your mother
  • Two and a half men
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Law and Order: SVU
  • Scrubs
  • SNL

But the only show I watch super regular is the office.

May 12th 2006 edited
  • The Office
  • Arrested Development
  • Stella
  • The Daily Show
  • The Colbert Report
  • Late Night with Conan O'Brien
  • The Soup
  • Dirty Jobs
  • Strangers with Candy

Shows that I liked recently, but kind of suck now: *CSI...Never liked Miami, but I did like the original. Until this season when it turned to crap. Not to mention it's up against The Office.
*MADtv...I don't care how many people hate it, until the last season and a half, it was really quite funny. This season majorly sucks.
*Lost...It was good last season, but now it's cliche and boring.

May 13th 2006 edited

MADtv...I don't care how many people hate it, until the last season and a half, it was really quite funny. This season majorly sucks.

I've never actually seen an entire episode. I don't know most of the people who have been regulars. But Frank Caliendo is hilarious from the bits of impersonations I've heard from him, and Gillian Vigman was just fantastic in Sons & Daughters.

EDIT: So, I just checked Fred Goss' blog on, and the word was officially passed down from the powers-that-be last night that S&D will not be included in the fall lineup. What a crushing blow. All that's left is to hope NBC can pick it up (come on Lorne Michaels, work some magic) and pop it in the Thursday night lineup.

May 14th 2006

EEEE! Did anyone happen to watch Entourage tonight? "Dwight" was on! He played a sleezy reporter and wore cute horn rimmed glasses and a Hawaiian shirt. It was VERY bizarre watching RW as another character because to me, Rainn IS Dwight. Period. But he was great-did a super job on the show.

May 14th 2006

I didn't see that, but that reminds me that my friend said she saw Rainn Wilson on Law and Order last night! I was very sad that I missed it.

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